Flawed's Fat-Melting Frenzy with Adrenalean (Sponsored)

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  1. Flawed's Fat-Melting Frenzy with Adrenalean (Sponsored)


    “Next Generation?” – No thanks. With Adrenalean™, Designer Supplements goes one step further and introduces the future of stimulating fat burners and carves its own niche in the weight loss industry both for competitive athletes, as well as the average individual aiming to shed some pounds. Adrenalean™ truly is the very best fat burning product designed to date as it is not simply a collection of stimulating compound aimed to make you “feel” like you’re losing weight, it actually helps you lose weight! Each individual component of the product has been carefully researched for effectiveness and the suitable dose, and has been combined with synergistic compounds that make Adrenalean™ unbeatable. Beginning with the Euphroamine™ formula, Designer Supplements introduces another potent fat loss ingredient to the industry in Arecoline. We then compliment this amazing ingredient with PEA and hordenine for enhanced mood and increased energy expenditure, quercetin to prolong the fat burning effect, and L-Huperzine A for its cholinergic focusing effects. The EvoSyn™ blend combines the tried and true caffeine with evodiamine, which naturally increases thermogenesis, and synephrine, which potently controls appetite


    Thanks to DS and haiz69 for hookinh me up with a chance to try out what sounds like a great product. I am extremely excited to get this going.

    I have been lifting for roughly about 5-6 years but my motivation and certain life events seem to keep me from the gym at times currently and in the past.

    My best shape ever was 3 years ago at 215 lbs 12% BF... and then i got a severe head injury which kept me out of the gym for six months... needless to say turning 21 shortly after that didnt help. Now im about 220 lbs and probably closer to 22-23% BF

    So its time to get this **** back on the road.

    Height: 6'
    Weight:214 (on my scale, UPS scale at work comes up to about 4 lbs higher)
    BF%: N/A

    Right now I am gonna run about 2100 calories on off days and 2400 calories on training days which should be about a 500 calorie deficit under my maintenence. I will post more about diet tomorrow.

    200-230 grams of protein
    50-60 grams so Low Carb
    75-80 grams of fat

    Generally I shoot for 6-7 meals a day

    Lifting: Mon/Wed/Fri w/ moderate cardio after
    Cardio: AM cardio 3x/week


    My goal for this log is to loose some fat and maintain muscle... i know i know thats everyones goal!


    04/01/2005 (3 Years ago)
    This was when I was near my best shape, slightly over 210lbs in these pictures. This is where I would like to get back to but better.

    This was the most recent set, have gained most of this back after getting into a motorcycle accident

    More pictures to come as the weight comes off

  2. subd.
    SFW and GFH

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Inarius View Post

    First two caps down the hatch!
    Will update more later

  4. gonna post any pics?
    SFW and GFH

  5. Debating on positing them from the start or at the end? Opinions?

    EDIT: **** IT... ill post what i have shortly

  6. yeah. I'd post the start pics now and people can help you out by fine tuning everything.

    now go lift something heavy!!
    SFW and GFH

  7. oh and how are you dosing these?
    SFW and GFH

  8. Pictures added

  9. I'll be following progress - I'm interested to see how fast you bounce back after that accident. Also, I was supposed to test Adrenalean, but my bottle never came, so I'm living vicariously through the other testers. :/

  10. Day 1

    Just took my 2nd dose at 215pm

    2 caps twice a day

    So far the energy has been pretty good, woke up this morning feeling like crap and wanted to go back to sleep... about 30 minutes after my first dose i was awake and smiling. Strange! The energy only got better after that and kept me going for about 4-5 hours and then i started to feel a little bit of a crash kinda of... got tired until i got up from my desk to move around.

    Appetite Suppression:
    Can't comment too much, much hungier than normal but still somewhat hungry... we'll see what happens as it gets introduced into my system mroe

    I had a crazy amount of focus at work today, was great!

    Euphoric Feeling:
    This i pair along with my focus... if i can focus and not HATE my job with every ounce of hate in my heart then it must be doing something right as i was smiling and enjoying the day!

    Stim Effect:
    Oddly enough no one else has reported much of a stim effect... after my first dose i kind of got a little bit of a slight E/C crackhead feeling... not nearly as intense though, but to the point where my fingers were flying like crazy on my keyboard and i was staring at my screen so hard it felt like I was spacing (kind of like i just did now) ha

    Day 1 Overall:
    So far I am pretty impressed. I hope the fatloss properties are just as good!

  11. good to see youre doing well after the accident. good luck with the log.

    subbed brotha!

  12. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    good to see youre doing well after the accident. good luck with the log.

    subbed brotha!
    Thanks bro!

    I'd be better if i had my crotch rocket back in one piece! ha

  13. Day 2

    First dose was earlier than yesterday
    2 caps at 5:40AM

    Just got done with a 30 minute run/powerwalk. I have alot of trouble with my calves when running distance theese days (why im not sure) so I've been doing a modified interval type thing with running for awhile, power walking, running REPEAT for about 2 miles/30 minutes

    The run felt great and my endurance seemed alot better than mondays run... maybe the Adrenalean?

    Energy was great again today. Woke up early to get a run in and was real tired at first. About 15 minutes after my dose I was ready to rock.

    Appetite Suppression:
    The hunger was better today. Still got hungry... maybe i need to move the dosaing to 3 caps twice daily or 2 caps three times daily. Any suggestions?

    Lots of focus today at work. Only got off track a few times... including right now hahaha

    Euphoric Feeling:
    I was happy all day long!

    Stim Effect:
    Not so much of a crazyhead feeling today. Although I did notice feeling noticably warmer. Thermogenic?

    Day 2 Overall:
    Still going strong!
    I did have a little bit of trouble sleeping last nigth though.

    Will be in the gym tomorrow night!

  14. Decided the hell with it and jumped the dosing up to 2 caps 3 times a day. Will experiment with this a few full days and then try 3 x 2

  15. In!
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  16. It's elevating your mood it looks like - cool. I have had several thermogens just make me one irritable SOB, let's hope adrenalean continues to do the opposite for ya.

  17. hell yeah dude... i cant stress that one enough... when i was on ephedr/caffiene/yohimbine the energy would be great but i noticed even around my girlfriend i was irritable as hell

  18. Day 3

    Not much more to report. Dosing is now at 2 Adrenalean 3 times a day

    I pigged out a little on junk food today but kept it in my caloric limit.

    I will weigh on day 7... i already have a few times and im down... but ill wait till a week to post any results

  19. Day 4

    So I have always had bad problems with running where my calves cramp up so bad they feel like they are going to split in half... even stretching before running...

    so this week i have run 3 times... and each time the pain is less and less and less... im not sure if I should be crediting that to stretching before and after running on the adrenalean... or both?

    What I have noticed though is taking the Adrenalean 10 min before my run I seem to have more endurance and more drive to run harder and push through. My run/power walks have gone from about half and half for about 2 miles to mostly running now. So thats a good sign!


  20. Just my .02, but cramping calves can be due to a lack of electrolytes - low potassium, magnesium and/or zinc can cause nasty cramps.

    Don't know if that could be the issue - just throwing it out there in case it's of some use

  21. what kind of foods are you eating?
    SFW and GFH

  22. Im actually running my own variation of the highly disputed velocity diet... while i could never go 7 shakes a day and 1 full meal a week i am however doing about 3-4 shakes a day...

    other than that i have my breakfast is one apple, 1/2 cut oats and 2 scoops of whey in water

    lunch is either chicken with brown rice or tuna with brown rice
    today it is tuna w/ brown rice, jalepenos, dill relish, broccoli all mixed in a container... may add a small dab of italian dressing...

    i can get some macro breakdowns later for ya

  23. Interesting. I could never swing the velocity diet. Kudos for giving it a shot though.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  24. Days 5-7

    Sorry guys... fell off the bandwagon for a minute! I still did cardio on friday and saturday (days 4 and 5) which was good but i did let the weekend get to me and went a little overboard drinking on sunday night and didnt eat too well.. lots of sloppy joe and taco dip

    Anyways back to business.. been pretty good this week

    Down to 210 lbs on my scale. Will post update for Day 8 momentarily (dont wanna slack at work too much lol)

  25. Day 8

    2 in the morning on a empty stomach
    2 about an hour before lunch
    2 about 30-60min before workout or at 430PM


    Finally back to the gym, took about 2 weeks off and now its time to get serious

    225 x 6
    275 x 6
    315 x 5
    Did a closer grip that usual today as reccomended by my partner and actually felt it alot more in my shoulders. I think I will stick to that for awhile

    Seated Military Press
    135 x 8
    185 x 5 (Went too heavy)
    155 x 8
    This was on the smith machine

    Lat Pull Downs
    125 x 8
    137.5 x 8
    150 x 8
    Went as wide as possible on this and in front of my head to try and hit my center back as much as possible... really want to focus on my back for awhile

    Chin Ups
    Body Weight x 4
    Body Weight x 3
    Pull ups and chinups are a very weak spot for me... working on it though

    Lat Raises
    20 x 8 (Front)
    15 x 8 (Side)
    Just a little side work

    Daily Notes:
    Not sure what to comment here. First day back to the gym in awhile so I will see how things go as I am there more frequently

    Currently I have enough caps left for 12 more days at this dosing scheme


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