Did you know ON makes more then protein????

  1. Thumbs up Did you know ON makes more then protein????

    Well NP was nice enough to send the the Optimum Nutrition Power Pack. And I'm bored so I wanted to post a quick review on the taste and mixability (one sample I cannot really assess the other benefits obviously).

    First I took Vassive-N.O. pre-workout

    Taste - My power pack had the fruit punch flavor. Very sweet. Have you ever had those candy things called "Airheads"? It almost tasted like one of those in drink form. Overall I liked it and gave it a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10.

    Mixability - Mixed perfectly. No chunks or random floaters on top of the water. I mixed in approx 16-18oz of water. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this an 8.5. Here's a pic:

    ***Note, I also took 2.2 grams ALCAR, and 200mg's of caffeine in addition to the Vassive so I really cannot comment on how it improved my workout. I will say it was a better then average workout though.

    PWO I had 2:1:1 Recovery

    Taste - To say the least I WAS VERY IMPRESSED. The chocolate taste wasn't at all overbearing and it reminded me a bit of the chocolate shake muscle milk (c'mon we all have to try em once ) but not as thick. I rated this a 10 on a scale of 1-10!

    Mixability - Again to say I wasnt impressed would be an understatement. I used again about 15oz of water as I am usually hesitant the first time I mix powders. Regardless this stuff only took a few shakes before it was perfectly blended (sorry no pic on this one it went down to fast). Rated mixability a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10.

    ***Note, I rarely consume carbs pwo so perhaps it was the 70grams of carbs that tasted so good to me but unlikely. The stuff doesnt feel heavy at all in my stomach surprisingly as most carbs make me feel a bit bloated (simple carbs for sure).

    Anyways, probably not the most useful review but I figured I owed NP at least some comments.

    Plus I like Hank (no homo)

  2. i have used vasive no ,and ce. ce taste friggin great something i would love to mix with alcohol. anyway i also loved 2.1.1 i feel it worked great as a post workout it has decent ingredients but nothing too cutting edge. what i would have liked to see would have been 2.1.1 with the ce ingredients mixed in that would have been a really good pwo. as far as vassive no if you mix it with 4 ergo amps you will be good to go stand alone it pails in comparison to what i am used too

  3. I think this is something provided through ON as I have gotten the same samples from other suppliers. The NO stuff tasted like crap IMO. Didn't notice anything from it either.
  4. 2:1:1 is okay

    I give em props for the 2:1:1 recovery.....and the glycomaize but their no product's are toned down, way down, and i don't get nothing of them. Their protein isn't the best tasting either.

  5. I didnt know that ON actually does their own manufacturing and distribution...I guess they are big enough.



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