Dont laugh. IDS 17-hydroxy mesterone

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    No problem bro, thats why i posted it.

    I must admit though........

    I just came off a wonderful stack........ AX,LX,PCS and ZMA.
    And Im cutting calories, bridging into a cut sept 1st(60 days).

    For the money i paid for it, its okay.........But 30 or 40 bucks a bottle...........NO WAY.

    I will say it again..........That last stack is my favorite so far....Besides real test.
    i am really liking resveratrol, testing lg's t911 and starting to feel decent results. wanting to try dermacrine too.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  2. Day 14 Part B

    4 cups chix rice........

    lots o h20

    DOMS setting in on glutes, hams and quads........ PAIN=HURT

    "the only thing thats real"

    ABB Tribulus shot yesterday=monkey spank

    Lethargy is getting stupid on this ****e.

    Dinner was
    1 cup Normal cottage cheese
    1/4 mixed nuts
    1.5 scoop PC shake

    Snack- 2oz. of beef jerky

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    Day 14 Part B

    Lethargy is getting stupid on this ****e.
    yeah , I stop it on the 15 day cause I had to study on that time and I felt like a drunk zombie
    I wonder what is the lethargy cause?

  4. Day 15

    Am weight 177.5

    Groundhog day.- PC shake with 1 hardboiled egg this morning.

    chx/rice today.......

    Bi's and Tri's tonight.

    As far as the lethargy goes, I dont know. Strength has not gone up. so whatever it is, its not working.

    DOMS today is bad. Glutes, Hams, back and traps all sore. So on a recovery standpoint, this 17HM sucks.

  5. Day 15 Part B

    4 cups chx/rice today......... I think my chicken rice ratio is actually 1.5 chicken to 1 part brown rice.............

    I know, I know.....First it was 2:1, then 1:1, now 1.5:1 I know its more protein than carbs for sure......

    ABB ripped force sipped throughout day to help fight off lethargy.

    ABB tribulus shot and Animal Pack with Preworkout meal. 30 minutes prior to workout.......I think this is my optimal window.

    Decent arm workout tonight
    3 sets bis
    5 sets tris

    In and out........

    Dinner 1.5-1.75 cups roasted chicken meat, no skin
    1 cup mixed vegetable- tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers,onion, in a vinagrette sauce
    1/3 cup mixed nuts for snack

    Water, Lots of it.......

  6. Day 16

    Am weight 179.5

    Groundhog day..

    No Gym until monday.

  7. Day 16 Part B

    DOMS still lingering in the legs

    Arms pumped but not sore from last nites workout

    4 cups chx/rice, 4 1 cup servings spaced out over 9 hours as always.

    Just ate some vegetables and handful of nuts to ward off hunger until dinner........

    im hogjawing on something sloppy tonight.....I got that deep hunger.

    Overall impression of 17-HM is neutral...... Im going to tuff out the next 14 days and see how it goes.......

    Dinner was hogfest:
    Hardees- 2 double cheeseburgers, then 15 minutes later
    1/2 pound sourdough burger
    some curly fries- small, then an hour later
    Fazios- 2 piece canneloni

    Tons of water.

  8. Day 17

    Am weight 185

    Groundhog day

    Legs DOMS finally gone, now i have a little in my arms.

    breakfast shake
    3 cups of chix/rice

    so far today.

  9. Day 17 Part B

    Went to a party with my gfriend.....

    2 plates full of misc. apps, pasta, chips, vegetables and dips.

    1 Pint of Ben and Jerrys Half baked....... lol

    H20........lots of it as always.

  10. Day 18

    Am weight


    Protein shake for breakfast
    1.5 cups of chix rice

    so far........

    Sunday= slack day

    will ride harley or get camaro out.....

  11. Day 18 Part B

    1.5 cups chx/rice

    4 homemade BLT's...........

    2 then an hour later
    1, then an hour later

    Wheat bread, Iceberg lettuce, home grown tomatoes, bacon, miracle whip and cheese

    1 pint BJ's Half baked.

    sickening, I know. But damn I was hungry.

    One thing is for sure, this stuff doesnt suppress appetite.

  12. Day 19

    Am weight 183.5

    PC shake with 6.5oz xpresso & 6.5 oz water. same as usual.

    Chest and shoulders later today.

    Working and running errands today. Eating ****ty.

    Healthy choice salsbury steak meal
    Penn Station East Coast Subs- Medium Philly Steak sandwich with deathsticks and unsweetened tea.

    1 cup chx rice prewo.

    so far today.

  13. Day 19 Part B

    Workout was good. I had a partner slowing me down for a change.

    I did his weights, slow and controlled. I actually had a few forced reps. 4x8 or failure
    Incline bench
    Dumbell flat bench
    Flat flys
    Machine flys -ss
    Push machine-ss
    Hammer Machine

    Good chest, shoulder pump and bailed.

    Hopefully I will be off the hogjaw train the rest of the week.

    Will eat 1 cup cottage cheese and PC shake tonight for dinner.

    Water as usual.

  14. Day 20

    Am weight 182

    Good pump and a bit sore from last nights workout.

    I just want to get this bottle over with.

    I will be starting a controlled labs stack sept 1st.

    Sesaglow, Red Acid G3, Reduction........... 60 days. Supposedly some good appetite suppressors in CL's products......Time will tell.

    Dont think i will publicly log it. I may take some before pics and see what the afters look like.....

    So far I am neutral on this 17HM. I feel/look like i am getting stronger and fuller........But i can do that with diet and training.........

  15. Day 20 Part B

    4 cups chix/rice- food throughout the day as normal

    Squat session......Operation Superset ATG

    135x10- straight into lifting
    185x6,5,4,3- 30 sec rest
    135x6x6 supersetted.......I almost passed out. They became breathing squats almost immediately.

    I know the weight is not alot, but for me it is.......I go ATG slow controlled, pause at ground zero then lift.......

    My shirt was drenched, I was dizzy and was barely able to do deads. I did 4x8 135 on

    Calfs on smith with box...... 295x6x6 pause hold at top and bottom.

    Laying machine squats.........200 with roughly a 252 tempo(no lockouts, 5 sec static at parallel) until utter failure, then 250 same kind of tempo, utter of 6 sets(4 and 2)......

    Then I wobbled out with my shirt soaked with sweat.......smiling in pain.

    Good workout for me.......

    Dinner was 1 cup cottage cheese, 2 cups mixed veggies- broc, tomato, cuccs, peppers,onions,

  16. Day 21

    Am weight 179.5

    Groundhog day.

    Leg DOMS has set in already, Tomorrow is going to be sick.

    Will do arms either thursday or friday.

    At the tailend of this cycle......

  17. Day 21 Part B

    3 cups chix/rice
    1/2 cup almonds
    2 double cheeseburgers DQ

    Dinner still to come.

    DOMS is bad....... Really bad......... This stuff absolutely sucks for recovery.........

  18. Day 22

    Am weight 183

    Doms still bad, It felt like a layer of toxins(dead tissue) ripped from my quads when i got out of bed...........

    Groundhog day..........Arms tonight, possibly tomorrow nite.

    T- 8 days and

  19. Day 22 Part B

    4 cups chxrice today
    2 snickers bars

    Doms is very bad. Not sure why. Made work very difficult. Wore me down.

    Arm workout with partner. I had no stamina. Zero.

    bi-s 3 sets
    tris- 4 or 5

    I just went the motions and bailed.

    ****ty workout.

    Dinner was hogfest

    Fazio- 2 piece canneloni
    6 pieces of lucia's pizza
    1 corn dog

    Also my mood was not good all day. Pretty sure it was DOMS related.

  20. Day 23

    Am weight 184.5

    Doms in legs still very apparent. This is ridiculous, I havent had Doms this bad in a long time. Still trying to understand why.

    Arms are pumped and slightly sore from last nites workout.

    Groundhog day.

    Review------ T minus 7 days and counting...........

  21. Day 23 Part B

    2 cups chix/rice
    3 cheeseburgers- benefit bbq
    1 cup cottage cheese

    Aggression bad today. Not sure what it is, more biatchy than normal thats for sure.

    Doms still very prominent in legs today, tris and bis are both sore from workout......

    This is total BS......... Recovery from this ****e is worthless.

    Sleep is the same as always, diet and water intake is about the same.......

    I miss that AX-LX-PCS-ZMA stack........I killed myself, and got very little DOMS........... Felt like superman on it....

    Dinner still to come.

    Protein shake, 2 scoops gold standard whey.
    Steamers Chicken/pasta Dinner

  22. Day 24

    Am weight 184

    My traps are hurting this morning.....I think i pulled something working on a truck yesterday.

    Groundhog day.

    review.......Dont waste your money.......

    T minus 6 days and counting.

  23. Day 24 Part B

    1 cup chix rice
    1 cup cottage cheese

    Salzizza Sandwich from IMO's.

    1/2 cup almonds

    Water tons of it........Sweated bad today.

    Getting ready to take a PC shake.

    Tri's are definately tender as well as bi's......I dont get it. I even took extra animal paks this week.

    Dinner still to come.

    Dinner was hogfest........

    2 soft taco supremes
    2 hard shell taco supremes
    Nacho supreme

    My achilles heal- Sweettooth........

    I pint of BJ's Half Baked..............Damn it was good.

  24. Day 25

    No AM weight recorded, Up and going.......Proabably 185 with my hog session last nite

    food so far

    PC shake-breakfast
    Spin Artichoke Dip with chips local restaurant
    Reuben Sandwich
    Ice tea, Sweet/low

    Also had Healty choice Turkey/vegetable dinner. I was away from home, had to eat.

    Also had 1 oven toppers fish(tilapia) brussel sprouts, 1/4 cup brown rice

    Late night junk- Banquest Chix finger dinner with mac and

    I cant stop eating.

    T minus 5 days and counting.........Then onto a 60 day CL stack. I am hoping the red acid G2 and Reduction products will have some appetite suppression. I need it........LOL.

    I Bought some Purple wrath, xtend and some aminos today at vitamin world. On sale of course.

    I am such a supplement junky...Its sad actually...... I spent less on other recreational "supplements" in my partying days.......

    I still have DOMS in triceps from Thursdays Workout.........Hopefully gone tomorrow.

  25. Day 26

    Am weight 184

    Missed AM dose, I will just trash it and take the afternoon dose. Its not like the ****e is doing anything anyways.

    PC Shake this morning.
    hour later
    3 amino tabs with sugarfree red bull.......water

    chest/shoulders tonight. Doms in tri's still faintly lingering. 4 days. This sucks.

    I must repeat. Unless you can get this IDS 17HM dirt cheap or have it already dont go out and buy it. Very disappointed.

    Two thumbs down.

    T minus 4 days and counting


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