J to the P 8 is in the house!

  1. J to the P 8 is in the house! My review of JP8

    Alright ladies and gents, I just got my Fedex package including my bad ass JP8. Here is my review. I will finish it upon retuning from the gym but I really wanted to get in on his first 3 review contest $$
    Oh yeah, I took 2.5 scoops on my first go. I like stims. I'm also not smart with dosing so please start with 1 - 1.5 scoops and work up from there. You were warned.

    I've never given much thought on packaging as some others seem too. I like the army writing. It makes me feel like Mr. T, but will I when I consume it?

    I didn't shake it for very long in the cup and I ended up with a bit of brown stuff on the bottom but otherwise it mixes peachy keen in water.

    For the sake of a professional review, I'll leave the dead baby comments out. I do have to say though that this stuff is nasty. I do believe that like packaging, people put too much emphasis on taste though and should really grow a pair and slam the stuff back.

    Initial "feelings":
    The first signs of it kicking in were kinda neat. Walking to my car I felt a calm euphoria and really started to zone IN, as opposed to zone out. By the time I got to the gym I was feeling pretty stimmed and ready to get my freak on.

    At the gym - pumps, energy, overall effectivness:
    I find that whenever I take a heavy dose of a preworkout with stims in it, I feel a little sketchy at first because I dose on the higher range, but once I start working out, that feeling goes away and that held true for this product as well.
    The first thing I'll mention is that the zoned in feeling is pretty cool. From other preWO supps I feel more aggressive and well... "THIS IS SPARTA!" sorta feeling but this was a very calm intensity. I would simply calmly tear the weights apart, and I like that feeling a lot.
    It was arm day, and that wasn't by coincidence. The pumps were just right. They were very pronounced but not like on some NO supps where you can't even make your arm straight after you've worked your biceps so that was a plus, because..well.. I like to be able to straighten my arms.
    My strength and stamina was fantastic, which while cutting is very important in my mind. And this maintained throughout the entire workout. Recovery between sets seemed accelerated as well.
    What was also very impressive was that I didn't burn through all the energy by the end of my workout so I had spring in my step leaving the gym, even after cardio, which is uncommon for me, even with stim filled preWO.

    How does this compare to other pre workout supps I've tried?
    I would put this higher than SuperPump 250 for sure, better than horsepower which has no stims and very little pump. I would compare this to NO shotgun which has been my favourite up to this point. BUT I have to say that JP8's focus, euphoria and how long that energy lasted wins. The one thing I loved about Shotgun though, was that it had other stuff in it like BCAA's and protein which I liked... seemed like a better value.

    Value (price vs. servings):
    The value isn't fantastic, I have to admit. Speaking for myself, I'll take like 2 scoops per workout which gives me 20 workouts for $40. There are better deals out there, BUT you will most likely not get a supp like this for cheaper; if you spend less you get less. My personal thoughts are that things like protein, creatine, fishoil, and multi's need to be wallet friendly because those are my staples, but "fun" supps aren't meant to be staples and that's what makes them fun. AND lets not forget all these poor bastards are under cost crunches obtaining the raw materials themselves and like everything else in this crazy mixed up world, the cost always gets passed down to the consumer.

    Overall Impressions on JP8:

    I love this stuff. The taste is disgusting and even though I am a small step below Chuck Norris in terms of manliness, I do have to take a point away for this. One other concern was that the proprietary mix seems a little small to me. Even if I weren't a stim junky, I would still probably have taken 2 scoops because to fit proper dosing of all that stuff into 8 grams seemed a bit of a stretch. Other than that, its a solid 8 and quite possibly a 9.

    If you like preWO supps to give you that pump, that focus, that energy and that intensity, as long as you don't mind paying for it, you will NOT feel disappointed in this product.

    If I missed anything you guys wanna know, please drop a line.

    Thanks Chuck for putting this one out there.
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  2. Looking forward to your review... Not so sure I should ask where you got 'dead baby' scent from to compare

  3. I had to use my imagination, I assure you.

    leaving for the gym in 10 min. Review to be completed in 1:30hr

  4. k, updated

  5. Nice comments re: value and thanks for the review.

  6. Thank you and you're welcome

  7. Day 2:

    The points of the review I made stand true. Very consistent product with consistent energy and focus. I'd like to know what gives it that oh so peculiar taste though :P

  8. Nice log bro! I am also running a log of a PWO supp. I am logging Assault by Muscle Pharm. I am loving it I might have give this one a go in the future.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Boyders View Post
    Day 2:

    The points of the review I made stand true. Very consistent product with consistent energy and focus. I'd like to know what gives it that oh so peculiar taste though :P
    JP8 has more than 10mg per serving of things like rhodiola, gynostemma etc like other products, so that taste is herbs.


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