Caffeine counteracts the ergogenic action of muscle creatine loading

  1. Caffeine counteracts the ergogenic action of muscle creatine loading

    J Appl Physiol. 1996 Feb;80(2):452-7.
    Caffeine counteracts the ergogenic action of muscle creatine loading.

    Faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, Department of Kinesiology, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

    This study aimed to compare the effects of oral creatine (Cr) supplementation with creatine supplementation in combination with caffeine (Cr+C) on muscle phosphocreatine (PCr) level and performance in healthy male volunteers (n = 9). Before and after 6 days of placebo, Cr (0.5 g x kg-1 x day-1), or Cr (0.5 g x kg-1 x day-1) + C (5 mg x kg-1 x day-1) supplementation, 31P-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the gastrocnemius muscle and a maximal intermittent exercise fatigue test of the knee extensors on an isokinetic dynamometer were performed. The exercise consisted of three consecutive maximal isometric contractions and three interval series of 90, 80, and 50 maximal voluntary contractions performed with a rest interval of 2 min between the series. Muscle ATP concentration remained constant over the three experimental conditions. Cr and Cr+C increased (P < 0.05) muscle PCr concentration by 4-6%. Dynamic torque production, however, was increased by 10-23% (P < 0.05) by Cr but was not changed by Cr+C. Torque improvement during Cr was most prominent immediately after the 2-min rest between the exercise bouts. The data show that Cr supplementation elevates muscle PCr concentration and markedly improves performance during intense intermittent exercise. This ergogenic effect, however, is completely eliminated by caffeine intake.

    PMID: 8929583
    Just to highlight a few points:

    1) Creatine was administered in 8 equal doses split throughout the day.
    2) Caffeine was administered in a single dose following breakfast.
    3) The participants followed a standardized diet with a 18/50/32 macronutrient breakdown.

    It should also be noted that this study corresponds to around 50g and 500mg of Cr/C respectively for a 100kg individual. This is a significant dose of creatine to be rendered useless by the caffeine.

    Bad news for the majority of pre-workout supplements out on the market

  2. Well that truly sucks. Dosen't caffine increase glucose uptake into the muscles also?

    Which would be more worthwhile, increasing ATP + glucose uptake or increasing ATP + muscle torque?

    Also, what if I wasn't loading creatine and took creatine + caffine only before my workout, and creatine again only after my workout, does anyone have the answers?

  3. Interesting Studies. Im tuned in

    Where did you come across this research?

    Pubmed is a good source

  4. Interesting.

  5. good article.

  6. "Cr and Cr+C increased (P < 0.05) muscle PCr concentration by 4-6%. Dynamic torque production, however, was increased by 10-23% (P < 0.05) by Cr but was not changed by Cr+C."
    Curious - muscle PCr concentration increased for both. If PCr was not increased with inclusion of caffeine, I would say put a fork in using creatine with caffeine. Also, what are typical errors associated with a dynamic torque measurement? Humans are not the greatest test subjects and the n = 9 is very small population for a study to be conclusive. Also, there is tons of anecdotal data that suggests otherwise. I am sure most on this board don't use a supp if they feel like it doesn't work. Supps aren't cheap, and the limited amount I purchase, I feel are worth it. Finally, article published in '96; I am surprised it wasn't dug up sooner on this board (I know there are tons of publications and impossible to keep up with).

  7. so in short take your creatine without caffeine and take your caffeine without creatine. I do the three day creatine loading followed by three day break. In this break you can always use the caffeine. Another Alternative is just to cease caffeine use and look into nootropics like The Clear edge stack or Sulbutamaine

  8. There is a Creatine feature in a recent magazine out of shelves. I sat down and read it in wal-mart. It has everything on creatine. One of the points it says was exactly what this research above says AMJUNE50 50 % off

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