Remember when the show used to be about......muscle?? -

Remember when the show used to be about......muscle??

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    Remember when the show used to be about......muscle??

    Remember when the show used to actually be about building muscle....??
    Kubik.....Regish....Coach Johnson...?

    Man......those were shows...

    And yeah...Regish is still on once a week, but...I mean, come on....its an hour a week book ended by how to cook sprouts on one end, and how sleeping with turquoise crystals in your bed will help your male performance on the other.....****....

    Now its all, "life extension" w age nonsense....

    Well...whatever Carl wants to do.

    I guess when a guy reaches a certain age, all he can really think about is how to live forever.

    Its still a good show, and Carl knows as much as anyone about the material, but man....not really for me anymore.

    I am glad I have all the old episodes on my Ipod, I can still listen to them and remember what the show used to be about.

    Listen every day if you want. Carl deserves your listening for just all the good shows he used to put out.

    If you want to hear about building muscle....just....actually building muscle....go try Eric Fiorello's new podcast.

    He is still finding his voice, not anywhere near as polished as Carl, but at least he talks about building muscle.

    I don't need any more episodes about how wriggling my toes in the dirt, or reversing the magnetic field in my bile ducts, or whatever the hell, will help me live to be a hundred...I get it....enough already...


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    Me personally, I enjoy both.

    The reason I started listening to the show was because of the strength stuff. Regish was the one that introduced me to the show back in the days of Dr. Connelly.

    As I get older (I'm only 30...) I put more and more focus on longevity, so I do enjoy that too.

    I was just thinking the other day, what happened to the round tables with Regish and Johnson?

    I listen alot. Not everyday, but most days. And will continue to due so. My hope is to see the show strike more balance. Bring back more of the strength shows, but I still want to hear the longevity and health shows too.

    "wriggling my toes in the dirt, or reversing the magnetic field in my bile ducts"
    haha, that was good. Seriously though, they're not that far left.

    Edit: Just checked, the last "Get Strong Show" was back in Feb. What happened? I really like that series. Maybe the "Female Fan backlash" was too much...
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    Get a podcast aggregator like podcast addict. Carl types up a good description for each show. Just listen to what you want. Not familiar with the mentioned podcast, but I seriously doubt it produces 10 hours of content per week.

    I remember the first episode I ever heard, it was igf1-long r3, back the first time the show was on terrestrial radio. The show has changed a lot since then. As Carl and Alisa develop the show, the message and content is bound to evolve.

    As someone who has also been critical of the direction of the show, I would like to state my support of SHR. I don't listen to all ten hours every week, but I appreciate the pursuit of all angles in improving health / performance / building muscle.

    Brooks Kubik, on a show about building muscle, encouraged the listeners to get away from training, and read a book. A book not about training. My guess is that Coach Wade, and Rob, would agree.

    Or don't. Still a lot of good muscle content to be heard.

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