SHR 7/9 The Man Who Started It All: Dr. Boyd Eaton Talks Openly About Paleo Movement

  1. SHR 7/9 The Man Who Started It All: Dr. Boyd Eaton Talks Openly About Paleo Movement

    SHR # 1007 :: 7/9 1:00 PM ET ::


    The Man Who Started It All: Dr. Boyd Eaton Talks About The Current State Of The Paleo Movement

    Guest: Dr. Boyd Eaton

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  2. Thank you very much for this show. This is the "core" stuff. I know its hard to get this type of interview...

    Interestingly, I was not really impressed with Dr. Easton as far as keeping up with what is going on in the field. I also had to laugh when he voiced his opinion that you cannot maintain bodyweight on raw food.

    I did a several month experiment where I ate almost exclusively raw beef, raw eggs and later raw goat milk. I gained about 15 pounds, lots of muscle and a fair amount of fat. Not only that but as far as digestion goes I never felt better.

    Like you, I have to use my critical thinking skills on this topic. Why are we the only living creatures that are required to cook our food? The answer is simple. We are not.

  3. Great post, Stephen. How did you prepare your raw beef? What kind of beef was it? I am impressed by your huge gain. Fifteen pounds is remarkable for a 200 pound man.

  4. I am very lucky to have access to a local farm. I buy beef by the 1/4. They package it just like you would buy it at the grocery store. I eat it all. I do freeze it and some are against that. I am not to worried about it however.

    I trim the meat with shears into bite sized pieces and eat it just like you would any steak. I add it to salads too. Really anyway that you would eat it cooked.

    I actually have not been eating it much lately. For some reason I have been eating a lot of chicken. I have not eaten the chicken raw however as I just don't think it would be so tasty. Beef on the other hand, to me, is better raw.

    I mix up my diet right now with some raw foods like goat milk and eggs with some beef as as well as veggies for salads etc.

    I do eat cooked foods currently but not because it is better for you.

    The reason I posted is that Dr. Eaton is wrong. I am sure his contributions to the health of his clients are profound as well as the numerous people he has touched with his books but even people like him can overstep their expertise. It is hard not to interject bias into science so I do not blame him. I also don't mind correcting him either.

    I went from about 190's to 215 actually. I was too chunky however. Though I had old ladies asking me in the store of I was a weight lifter so it did not all go to flab I was doing a high volume routine and really blew up.

    Now I am training with a lot less volume, resting as much as training but trying to handle heavier weights. I am stronger for sure.

    I don't think the raw meat made me a super hero. Maybe not any better than cooked food. No doubt however that I can consume more than enough raw food to grow fast.

  5. I appreciate your sober reply. It's funny - I have been eating a lot less chicken for possibly a similar reason as you have been eating more chicken = I do not desire chicken. Our bodies may be telling us something. I've even been eating non-grass fed beef when I am out.



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