SHR 5/22 The BluePrint Power Hour

  1. SHR 5/22 The BluePrint Power Hour

    SHR # 977 :: 5/22 12:00 PM ET

    The BluePrint Power Hour

    Guest: Rob Regish

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  2. I'm attempting to make the topical curcumin mixture that was mentioned on the show. I'm having trouble finding a liquid d-limonene. I'm assuming I can just buy the capsules and break them open.

    Carl, i want to try the mixture you suggested to avoid the DMSO for my dad. He's on blood thinners and Ive read DMSO can increase the potency of those drugs. Coulld you suggest some more accurate measurements for making the lecithin/distilled water gel and the the amount of alcohol and curcumin to mix as well as how long it should take for it to dry into a powder?

    thanks-hoping this stuff works!

  3. GJN I would first liberate the actives from the Curcumin by soaking it in pure ethyl alcohol (Everclear at your liquor store) and then filtering the fibrous powder out of it. You can use a coffee filter or two to achieve this. The clear solution of alcohol or slightly tinted from the oils in the curcumin should be covered with a coffee filter and ruberbanded to keep the filter tight on the top of a jar mount and allowed to evaporate in a cool dry place (back of a cupboard). The residual powder left behind is what you want from the curcumin powder. You do not need DMSO or alcohol in the vehicle. Mix lecithin with distilled water and stir till if becomes a gel. You can add some vitamin E oil if you'd like it to have better cosmetic qualities. You can also add small amounts of d-limonine to this blend. Blend the curcumin residue into it in a 10% concentration. You will have to scrape the residue from the jar and weigh it to see how many grams you have. I would shoot for adding one gram of residue to each 9 grams of lecithin/Vit E/d-limonine gel. This will give you a ~10% concentration. Once blended well, seal it in an air tight container and allow to sit for 24 hours. Then he can use it. each gram will deliver 100mgs of curcumin extract and about 30% will make it through the skin into the local tissue. If you don't render the extract from the powder and just mix the powder right into the vehicle it will create a gummy mess that will NOT be absorbed easily, if at all.. Also search for a Home Brewing With PhloGel Ultra that I wrote back in 1999/2000 for some additional tips. Last I heard it was up on BassKiller's site. Used to float around here on AM as well. Hope this helps.

  4. thanks Carl!

  5. Now I need to listen to this one again to remember why topical curcumin is so great!



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