SHR 5/2 What's Up With Brooks + Dopamine: The Reward Neurotransmitter

  1. SHR 5/2 What's Up With Brooks + Dopamine: The Reward Neurotransmitter

    SHR # 965 :: 5/2 12:00 PM ET

    What's Up With Brooks PLUS Dopamine: The Reward Neurotransmitter

    Guest: Brooks Kubik & Dr. Tim Jackson

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  2. Strong show. Research into our neurotransmitters will soon change how most of us understand our psychologies, I think.

    Here is the article Carl mentioned in the show concerning how dopamine activity in certain parts of the brain were correlated with how hard people work:

    And look at these paragraphs concerning dopamine, serotonin, and temperament. Perhaps those of us who are very motivated should look into balancing out our caffeine/Craze use with tryptophan/5-htp:

    [from Cornell Research: "Psychologist finds dopamine linked to a personality trait and happiness" <>]

    "By better understanding the role of dopamine in humans and how temperament types and personality traits can be driven biochemically, we can glean insight into personality and psychological disorders, Depue suggests. "There is now overwhelming evidence that 50 to 70 percent of individual variation in personality trait scores, for example, is related to genetic influence," he said.

    He also points out that some research suggests that low levels of serotonin, which can result in irritability and volatile emotions, also may make people more responsive to dopamine. These people, therefore, may be more susceptible to drugs that activate the dopamine system, such as cocaine, alcohol, amphetamine and, to a lesser extent, opiates and nicotine. One theory is that different dopamine receptors in the brain may be related to different types of abuse and that people who have particularly low dopamine functioning may be more susceptible to depression and Parkinson's disease. "

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