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  2. re the methylation show.. this just in:

    (An article in Nature. I can't post links yet.. so google the following line
    A trip to the gym alters DNA
    A bout of exercise sees methyl groups removed from metabolic genes
    Moreover, a similar effect is seen in cells given a high dose of caffeine, hinting at a possible trigger for the process... “one would need to consume a caffeine equivalent of about 50 cups per day, almost close to a lethal dose”

    I have to admit I don't fully understand the implications of the described demethylation process.

  3. With respect to methylation, it's an incredibly important facet underlying nearly every bodily function. In fact, re-synthesizing RNA and methylation's impact on synthesizing new muscle proteins is incredibly overlooked, IMO. An excellent solution here (and one I included in my very first product, Synthagen), is Tri-Methyl Glycine, aka TMG or "Betaine". You're seeing it show up now more and more, in products that understand its value/what it brings to the table..

    Driven Sports Craze (238 grams): Discount Craze Supplements

    Here's a bit more, about what it does...


    Tri-Methyl Glycine is a well known methyl-doner and efficient precursor to the super-nutrient Sam-E. Sam-E plays a very important role in the body and is central to synthesizing polyamines (22). Downstream, the polyamines known as spermidine and spermine are formed. These particular polyamines are involved in the control of cell growth (23) and have also been shown to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties (24).

    TMG is used in farm animals to improve muscle to fat ratios. Looking closer at this research, TMG appears to aid in lipid metabolism by sparing choline. The saved choline is then used for lecithin synthesis, the mechanism via which fat is transported.

    However, there is another little known benefit to TMG - it serves to re-synthesize RNA. RNA re-synthesis is heavily dependent upon the availablility of these methyl groups. In fact, methylation is an incredibly overlooked component of muscle growth and needs to be optimized given an attempt at growing new muscle as fast as possible.


    Building upon the aforementioned animal research, there is also recent (2011) data surrounding TMG's potential to increase anabolic hormones, decrease catabolic hormones and improve muscle force production and endurance in HUMANS (25). In fact, this particular paper's conclusion is quite striking;

    Conclusion: "Betaine supplementation increased force production and muscular endurance. These performance measures correspond to increases in anabolic hormones (GH and IGF-1) and maintenance of anabolic muscle signaling (Total Akt, Akt and p70 S6k phosphorylation) responses, as well as the decrease in catabolic hormone (cortisol) and inhibitory muscle signaling (AMPK phosphorylation) following 14 days of betaine supplementation"

    Of particular note here (page 50), is TMG's ability to sustain protein synthesis, whereas in those not receiving TMG - the process slowed/stopped.

    "The increase in Akt Total pre and post-exercise, as well as the maintenance in Akt S473 post-exercise following betaine supplementation indicates a greater ability to signal further downstream. These results correspond to the increase in GH and IGF-1 AUC during the betaine supplementation. Although there was no change in p70 S6k Total, p70 S6k T389 phosphorylation was maintained during the betaine supplementation pre and post-exercise. The decrease in p70 S6k T389 during the post placebo supplementation trial is explained partially by the increased cortisol levels during this time, where the maintenance during betaine supplementation is explained by the decrease in cortisol levels and therefore decreased inhibition to the muscle signaling pathway.

    Furthermore, the decrease in AMPK phosphorylation observed would decrease the inhibitory effect on the mTOR pathway, allowing a more positive anabolic signal. In total, these observations suggest maintenance of protein synthesis during a concurrent workout, and provide a cellular basis to the ergogenic effect of betaine supplementation..."

    How TMG builds upon Rhaponticum Carthamoides Extract strengths

    For those familiar with my writings, I theorized in 2009 when The Blueprint was published that Ecdysterone worked via the PI3K/AKT pathway. Now, subsequent research carried out at Rutgers has confirmed this (26).

    Abstract (26)

    "Phytoecdysteroids, structurally similar to insect molting hormones, produce a range of effects in mammals, including increasing growth and physical performance. In skeletal muscle cells, phytoecdysteroids increase protein synthesis. In this study we show that in a mouse skeletal muscle cell line, C(2)C(12), 20-hydroxyecdysone (20HE), a common phytoecdysteroid.... elicited a rapid elevation in intracellular calcium, followed by sustained Akt activation and increased protein synthesis. The effect was inhibited by a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) inhibitor, a phospholipase C (PLC) inhibitor, and a phosphoinositide kinase-3 (PI3K) inhibitor."

    Both nutraceuticals in Synthagen
    act favorably by activating and sustaining AKT and other growth mechanisms. TMG also adds the "punch" of increased GH and IGF-1 and slashes cortisol levels. This tips the scale to where anabolism vastly outweighs catabolism, and thus, muscle is rapidly synthesized and the entire process sustained fantastically verses without TMG.


    Re-synthesizes RNA
    Decreases inflammation
    Increases GH/IGF-1
    Maintains total Akt, p70 S6k and mTOR signaling during exercise
    Decreases cortisol
    Re-invogorates and maintains protein synthesis
    Is a key osmotic/cellular hydration ingredient
    Enhances muscle fullness
    Acts as an energy enzyme protector
    Induces the conversion of homocysteine to methionine
    Elevates glutathione levels
    Promotes liver health
    Helps maintain intracellular electrolytes

    (22) Herby O. Role of polyamines in the control of cell proliferation and differentiation. Differentiation 1981;19:1,20.[Medline]
    (23) Oyanagui Y. Anti-inflammatory effects of polyamines in serotonin and carrageenan paw edemata possible mechanism to increase vascular permeability inhibitory protein level which is regulated by glucocorticoids and superoxide radical. Agents Actions 1984;14:228,37. [Medline]
    (24) "Influence of Betaine on Pasture, Finishing and Carcass Performance in Steers,"; 2004 by Professional Animal Scientist.
    (26) Steroids. 2010 Oct;75(10):632-7. Epub 2010 Apr 2.Ecdysteroids elicit a rapid Ca2+ flux leading to Akt activation and increased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle cells.Gorelick-Feldman J, Cohick W, Raskin I. Biotech Center, Cook College, Rutgers University, 59 Dudley Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA.

  4. Interesting. Do you mean Betaine HCl or some other form?
    Check out my current log:

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UKNoko View Post
    Interesting. Do you mean Betaine HCl or some other form?
    Great question!

    To be clear, these are 2 different animals. Betaine HCl is a combination digestive aid comprised of betaine (vitamin-like compound), and hydrochloric acid, far different than Betaine/TriMethylGlycine aka TMG!

    Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for clarifying!
    Check out my current log:


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