SHR 12/15 Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 7 PLUS

  1. SHR 12/15 Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 7 PLUS

    SHR # 872 12/15 @ 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

    Round-table Discussion On Strength And Hypertrophy Acquisition Part 7: Realistic Goal Setting For 2012 PLUS The Next Frontier In Training: Autoregulatory Training

    Guest: Rob Regish - Coach Wade Johnson & Mike T Nelson

    Listen LIVE using the LIVE player above

  2. After hearing Rob on SHR I decided to purchase The Blueprint. I’ve spent a week reading then reading again and I’m still not sure what the “Blueprint” is.

    Blueprint 2.0
    Blueprint 2.0 is a 68 page PDF. 68 pages of schizophrenic, illogical rambling. It doesn't seem to follow and established mode of discourse, and it is incongruent from each paragraph to the next.

    From what I was able to pry out of the document, the program is:

    Week 1: don’t do anything
    Week 2: high reps, don’t eat a lot
    Weeks 3-7: heavy weights, eat a lot
    Weeks 8-9: less heavy, eat a little less

    Static holds and loaded stretches are mentioned but I found no suggestions or guidelines for incorporating them into a program.

    About a quarter of 2.0 is devoted pimping Kre-Anabolyn and other MuscleMass products.

    Blueprint 3.0
    3.0 is a password protected document. It begins with a very bizarre page long threat against the buyer. To give you an idea, here are some quotes.

    “You’ll be crying, you and your sinners - because IF you step into my 3.0 Asylum, you’ll come to regret the “fool’s gains” that lie before you, on our steps along the road to Judgment Day...”

    “The sky will turn blood red when 3.0 drops and any request for help from me, and The Blueprint Army - when darkness falls upon you... There will only be silence and a raised hand - testifying to the fact you have sinned...”

    Note: The “...” in the above, is in the original document. It does not indicate an omission of text on my part.

    About 2/3 of 3.0 is more pimping of Kre-Anabolyn. It also includes some very brief mentions of other supplements, training programs, equipment, and nutrition.

    15 pages tell you the benefits of a certain home-brew intraworkout drink and home-brew topical test booster, neither of which I received the recipe for.

    Blueprint Forum

    Once I received my invitation to join the forum, I did. I started looking for threads started by other people who were as perplexed by the “Blueprint” as me. One of the first ones I clicked was titled “I am so confused”. The post was by a person who, like me, couldn't make sense of the document. Rob Regish replied the same day, saying that he would PM his phone #. He added “FYI we don’t discuss specifics like this here.”

    If you can’t discuss specifics of the “Blueprint” on the Blueprint Forum, what is the effing point?


    From hearing Rob Regish on Superhuman Radio it is obvious that he is intelligent and knows what he is talking about. But none of that is reflected in this product. In fact it makes the product that much more infuriating. If I hadn’t heard him speak with such knowledge on the radio, I would have given up on trying to understand the “Blueprint” much sooner. But it seems that I spent $50 on a whole lot of nothing. I don’t know that I have ever seen so many words used to say so little.

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