Too Much Facebook

  1. Exclamation Too Much Facebook

    Hey Carl,

    I don't have facebook, and I certainly don't want anything to do with it. So all these things that you talk about posting on there, which I would love to see.. I can't!

    You have your own website, and blog. Why can you not just post it up on your website, and then share a link to the blog post on facebook. This way everyone can see it and access it, and you drive more traffic to your own website rather than to facebook.

    I would really appreciate it if you made your posts more accesible to everyone rather than forcing them to use facebook. Thanks!

  2. I dont want to speak for Carl but considering the large participation on facebook thats a good motivation right there

  3. A ton of people eat non-organic food. There's large particpation in vaccinations. I don't understand your point.
    You think more people would see posted items on facebook than any given webpage (which has also been linked to from facebook)?

    How could that be negative?

    On your own website you have infinite metrics, to see what's driving traffic. What pages people came from, what keywords are attracting people. Not to mention you're reaching a much larger audience.
    Facebook is total garbage. Have you read the terms of service on Facebook?

  4. It's a marketing strategy.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

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