SHR 10/18 The Effects Of Sleep On Memory Consolidation

  1. SHR 10/18 The Effects Of Sleep On Memory Consolidation

    SHR 10/18 @ 10:00AM PT / 1:00PM ET

    The Effects Of Sleep On Memory Consolidation

    Guest: Dr. Kimberly Fenn

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  2. Interesting show. I really liked your thoughts on the elderly, sleep deprivation and memory loss. I wonder if anyone has looked at this to see if it it somehow correlates to dementia?

  3. It would not benefit the medial orthodoxy to do this work.. as it would mean that the current drug regimens would be useless and simple natural steps to improving sleep like melatonin and a tinge of GABA (which require no prescription and are radially available) and teaching proper sleep hygiene and diets relationship to better sleep would only benefit the patient...

  4. true. However, many people want a drug from the doctor to believe. They may be money in it for the orthodoxy...

    I think it is a really interesting topic.

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