Anthony Roberts?

  1. Anthony Roberts?

    Love the show Carl, some great info you cover.

    Got a question about your guest Anthony Roberts, I've been following his blog, but recently i turned up some info on him that makes me think he's nothing more than a con man. Forums on t-nation,Elite fitness, steroids.c*m(which apparently he started) have many multiple threads of people complaining about him and calling him nothing more than a charlatan.

    Im worried that if you are letting such a guest on your show whether it is discrediting you and your sponsors? Or Even worse, it suggests that maybe Anthony is not the only con man on the show.. Would really like to know more about this and re install some confidence in your show..

  2. worrying on references on AR ( you need to unstar *)


    tnation.t-nation.(dot)c*m/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bo dybuilding_gear/roberts_at_it_again


    forum.bodybuilding(dot)c*m/showthread.php?t=134826631&pag e=1

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