SHR LIVE 6/23 - Testosterone Blamed For Bad Behavior In Men? Think Again

  1. SHR LIVE 6/23 - Testosterone Blamed For Bad Behavior In Men? Think Again

    SHR 6/23 @ 9:00AM PT / 12:00PM ET

    Testosterone Blamed For Bad Behavior In Men? Think Again

    Guest: Anthony Roberts

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  2. I love how testosterone gets blamed for so many things when the science says the complete oppiset It's like everyone is scared of testosterone we need some to say hold on testosterones not scary but can be heathly like all hormones if used right

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  4. More supportive research: Testosterone metabolites either decreased anxiety or increased cognition in male rats when they binded to an estrogen receptor, but the metabolite that did not bind had no effect on these endpoints:

    PUBMED ID: 19263246

    Age (Dordr). 2009 Jun;31(2):119-26. Epub 2009 Mar 5.
    Chronic administration of androgens with actions at estrogen receptor beta have anti-anxiety and cognitive-enhancing effects in male rats.
    Osborne DM, Edinger K, Frye CA.

  5. Quick reminder, thanks to Anthony Roberts, estrogen is not all-bad. This abstract reports estradiol was associated wtih bone density. After listening again to Superhuman Radio episode number 588 with Mike Mahler, in which he reported on hazardous effects of estrone, I wonder what positive effects are associated with estrone for me. I'd research this right now if I had time.

    I would post the link to this episode if I could, but I have too few posts. Mike and Carl discuss a variety of supplements to help with achieving desired levels of cortisol and testosterone, along with how to assess what one needs based on body fat distribution.



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