SHR 6/13 - # 751 - BEST OF - The Untold Story Of Milk

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    SHR 6/13 - # 751 - BEST OF - The Untold Story Of Milk

    # 751 - BEST OF - The Untold Story Of Milk
    Guest: Dr. Ron Schmidt & Randy Roach

    Pasteurized milk was not needed for thousands of years. Learn the REAL reason our milk is pasteurized today.. here's a tip.. it has nothing to do with your health. This is a great show for those of you who want to explain to your unenlightened friends the truth about pasteurization.

    # 751 - BEST OF - The Untold Story Of Milk - Super Human Radio - The World's First Broadcast Radio Show Dedicated to Human Performance

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    I really liked this show. I was raised on a farm and up until 18 or so I always drank raw milk from our farm. Hopefully it offset any damage I got from Formula when I was a kid!

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