Vid of Carl's workout

  1. Vid of Carl's workout

    Sounds crazy Do you know anyone who could video your workout?

    What do you do again?
    • Breathing Squats
    • Farmer's walks
    • Jump squats
    • Repeat the last 2 exercises 4 times or something?

    I'd like to see it some time.

    Off topic:
    BTW, I recall you saying that you're implementing carbs into your regimen again; are you talking about "paleo" carbs (i.e. tubers, fruits, etc.)?

  2. I have been wanting to video myself.. I'm going to buy a digital video camera and get this done.. Alisa will shoot the video.. perhaps someone will name the protocol after my like they did with Litvinov and the Litvi Squat

    Thanks for this post.. I didn't want to do it on my own and seem pretentious.. but now that you asked for it...

  3. Please do it Carl, and also demo the calf-hold exercise. I tried it as described, but realized that I was still making a bunch of assumptions about the details. Thanks.

  4. I'd like to see this too!

  5. cool, its always fun seeing others' routines. At the gym i use its pretty much me and one or two other guys who use the poor power rack.



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