SHR 6/8 Sleep On Command Followup PLUS Effects Of BCP On Body Recomp & Fat Loss

  1. SHR 6/8 Sleep On Command Followup PLUS Effects Of BCP On Body Recomp & Fat Loss

    SHR 6/8 @ 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET

    Sleep On Command Followup: Increases In Athletic Performance PLUS The Effects Of Birth Control Pills On Body Re-composition And Fat Loss

    Guest: Paul F. Becker & Dr. Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic

    Listen LIVE Using The Live Player Above

  2. Carl, please ask about the importance of sleeping in a pitch-black room. Is it that crucial?

    Also, I sleep on demand with 1mg of melotonin (only on evenings when I'm jack3d up from a late workout), what's your guest's take on using small doses of melotonin?

  3. i'd love to hear the guest speak to two things:
    1. does carbohydrate-intake (paleo ones: sweet potatoes, tubers, white potatoes) change sleep duration?
    I seem to require less sleep with a higher starch intake. I sleep only 7.5-8 hours, rise with no alarm, and feel fine all day. When i was keto i routinely slept between 9 and 10 hours.

    2. does the guest believe that we need less sleep in the summer and spring and more in the winter and fall?

  4. Quick notes on Earthpulse unit usage: I've had this unit for about 3 weeks. I didn't really notice any clear effect at first - maybe because I have a thick tempurpedic mattress. But, Carl's suggestion to move it closer really worked. One freaky result: My hearing and eyesight seem greatly improved. I hear all sorts of noises in my house that I never heard before - to the point that I wondered at first if I had an intruder the first night. When outdoors in sunlight, I see colors much brighter - almost like wearing those "vision enhancer" sunglasses. No changes in strength but my trail running endurance is up about 50% - something predicted by the manufacturer due to improved metabolic/oxygen processes. Glad this expensive thing works.

  5. I have a thick mattress too. Im curious, where did u put it so it was closer?

  6. I've put it right below the sheet with a towel over it. It sinks into the foam mattress partially. I move it from head to neck to lower back in rotation, one move each day (if I remember).

    Make sure the outer shell that screws on is taken off.

  7. I'd love to buy an earth pulse. But it is so expensive, even with the 100 off with the shr coupon. Guess I'll wait on more feedback on here and start saving. I'd like to give it a shot.


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