Test. levels for a 21 year old

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    Interesting... Some things that have worked for *me* are:

    Good intake of saturated fats like Coconut oil, Eggs, Red Meat, Pistachios, Avocados. (This will also help your brain)

    Don't overtrain, and for me 4-6 reps of the basics (Squats, presses, deadlifts) seems to keep my test levels up.

    8 hrs of sleep

    Adding raw Maca to my 3 daily protein shakes (15g each)

    Also 100-150mg of Zinc Citrate and 500mg Magnesium Citrate

    Good Luck!

    This is some excellent advice. Along with this I'd try to limit or omit all fructose, when you are going to workout or something i'm sure some fruit would be okay unless you are metabolically deranged (high bf), then i think you should try your best to cut it out. You can live for a while w/o fruits as long as you take a multi vit/ maybe some anti oxidant supps. But I wouldn't 'omit' them indefinitely.
    Stick to your lower fructose containing starches for carbs.
    But for sure get that magnesium. If you can run more tests check your DHEA level (I think it was the sulfur DHEA level). I believe Mike Mahler had a podcast on SHR on this and he also sells a cream on his site.

  2. SHR 6/9 @ 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET

    Chickens In The Hood PLUS Is 597 "Normal" Testosterone For A 21 Year Old PLUS Amino Acids For Super Humans Part Three

    Guest: Steve Lewis & Dr. John Crisler & Prof. Dr. ProfDr Andro

    Listen LIVE using the player at the top of the page

  3. Will they be doing a kind of lecture or can we propose questions to the experts somehow

  4. post questions here.. Dr. Crisler will only be on for 30 minutes and we'll try and answer your questions.. I can always have him back on to go deeper.. just trying to answer the OP...

  5. I was only able to listen to the tail end of that ( at work) but what I heard was fascinating and now I'm hungry for more info. gonna check out the site allthingsmale.com. I never really noticed the listen live link up there before and listened to another show earlier this morning on GMO's. I'll be dialing in more often for sure.

    Would love to here more from Dr. Crisler in the future! thanks AM.


  6. First of all, thanks Carl for putting that question up to Dr. Crisler, and thanks to Dr. Crisler for his time...

    To address some of the uncertainties from the segment, the reference interval for total T was 249-836, and for free T was 9.3-26.5. My SHBG was tested in the panel, and came out to be 36.5 nmol/L (ref int 14.5-48.4)... I don't know if Dr. Crisler would still agree the SHBG is high.

    I agree that a lot of it has probably been self-induced.. I did have some pretty sh*t experiences early in the year that lingered on in my mind... I'm gonna be more open with my gf and work on my confidence in the bed.

  7. Did you happen to see an albumin test in there? It'd be part of a "Comprehensive Metabolic Panel".

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    Did you happen to see an albumin test in there? It'd be part of a "Comprehensive Metabolic Panel".
    Yes sir: 4.7 g/dl (ref int 3.5-5.5)


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