Anyone use Trisorbagen w/ PH/PS?

  1. Anyone use Trisorbagen w/ PH/PS?

    I read a lot of logs and have never come across one where Trisorbagen was used during a PH/PS cycle. Has anyone out there done a cycle with it and can compare it to a cycle without it? How well does it work?

  2. bump to this....have heard NOTHING about it.

  3. yeah you'd think if it worked then people would be ALL over it to get the most out of the cycles...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NasD View Post
    yeah you'd think if it worked then people would be ALL over it to get the most out of the cycles...
    I made cycles with and without it , I haven't saw any difference , PA said its a not cost effective also, don't get me wrong I like ax but this supp didn't work on me

  5. you can just use DHB instead, much cheaper.

  6. Dose anyone have any new input about Trisorbagen used with a PH?

  7. im using it on my cycle right now. the only diff I notice is an increase in sides it seems.

    I've take dhb from sci fit with gf juice with a cycle before, and noticed it more.

    im not too sure about this, maybe I need to up the dosage. but doesnt' feel like it's helping any. and dont get that cap stuck in your throat and have it bust, or disolve. burn baby burn...........

  8. In the past Ive run Trisorbagen with and without MassFX but never a PH/PS. I noticed no difference whatsoever but that could be just me. AX is a great company and they make great products however I agree with Trisorbagen not being cost effective.


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