Drawing and Pinning with separate Needles?

  1. Drawing and Pinning with separate Needles?

    I've been doing some searching as I am approaching my first cycle. I've picked up alot of pointers, but one thing that seems to be consistent among the experienced is Drawing with an 18 gauge pin and shooting with a 23-25 gauge 1 - 1 1/2 pin.

    This practise is used because the needle used to draw dulls and compications such as an abscess or an infection become more likely.

    My question is this: Since many infections and/or abscesses are said to be the cause of a foreign object in the body, (mostly rubber from the top of the vial being drawn from) wouldn't a thicker needle actually increase the probability of contamination because a fragment of rubber would more readily break off with a higher gauge?

    Also, how many pins should someone expect to use throughout the course of a 10 week cycle? (If injecting EOD and once a week.) With a given margin of error for us newbies.

    I would appreciate any input.

  2. Don't draw with an 18 you will turn the rubber stopper into swiss cheese if you are doing ed or eod injections.. use a 20 to draw IMO...
    Well I would get me enough for 2 per day.. 1 draw plus 1 shooting then at least 20 extra.. they are cheap as hell... get darts with 20 g needles then switch to either 23 or 25g I use 25g cause I am a puss.. LOL

  3. I use a 21 to draw, 25 to shoot

  4. if you can use a 25 to shot why to most sites suggest using a 23?

  5. Do they? 25g is most used by users it seems like. Blatalian, doing some quick math, i figure you should order
    EOD inject for 10 weeks (70 days) =35 needles. A high prediction of mistakes and bad insertion 1/3 of the time. Get around 50 - 25g pins to inject with. The drawing pin, you shouldnt have any problems with but even still, wouldnt hurt to pick up a few extra


  6. yeah ..spot injections.com suggests 23 gauge for glute/quad shots... and 25 for everything else

    but id rather use the smallest size possible for every shot ..

  7. screw the 23g's 25 all the way.. now I use 1" for delts and quads and 1.5" for glutes..

  8. I use 18G to draw up a week in advance and depending on the thickness or viscosity of the gear I use a 23G or a 25G to inject. Those 25G sometimes you got to put some muscle behind that plunger.

    I do know some people who have used that 18G for inj. though. OUCH

  9. I just got 200 pins/syringe (3cc 22g 1.5" and 23g 1") and I'm gonna order 200 seperate pins to use to draw with.. Most likely, I'll get 20g or 21g pins to draw with, take 'em off after, replace the original pin, go to work..

  10. I do it the other way.. get the pins with the draw pin on the dart and then switch.. but either way.. which reminds me.. need to order again soon..

  11. Alright.. well that pretty much explains it all.. And it looks like I'm gonna have to place a new order...

    I get mine from GPZ ... they have pretty decent prices as far as I know.
    Where do you get yours from?

    The first time I ordered I got 25 gauge.. but they were only 5/8 inch.
    This last time I ordered 25 gauge 1 inch.. but didn't factor in drawing pins...

    This time I'm well informed so I'll get it right...
    1) 21 gauge drawing pins 1 inch
    2) 25 gauge spot injection pins 1 inch

    By the way .... Is it necessary to use a 1 1/2 incher for glutes and quads? You can also use 1 inchers right?

  12. you can.. I just like it deep in the glutes.. quads I use the 1"

  13. Alright, understood.


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