Thiomucase cream for topical fatloss?

  1. Question Thiomucase cream for topical fatloss?

    Has anyone used thiomucase cream for localized topical fatloss?? I was wondering how this would compare to products like AB-solved, Skulpt, and those ones by Advant Labs. I think old school bodybuilders used to inject thiomucase under their skin for fatloss, but I only wanted to use it topically! Maybe I can mix it with T-gel or Dmso? What do you guys think? Or do the other products I mentioned work well enough??

  2. Save the money... I use it to get rid of sub-q water before a show, that's mainly what it's good for.. Prep H gel is cheaper, yet won't help burn fat.. Use it after using a topical yohimbine HCL product, to reduce the water retention that's left behind after you stop using the transdermal...

  3. I agree. Thio is good for releasing some water out of subQ fat cells, but it will not burn fat. Try either Skulpt or even better, Avant's Lipodem Ultra for "spot" fat loss.

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