Hairloss and PHs

  1. Hairloss and PHs

    Ive done research on the topic but I've still got one question. Which is, when somebody experiences hairloss from a ph such as 1-test, does the hairloss continue after the person has stopped their cycle and fully recovered?

  2. Normally it stops.

  3. If you're worried, your best bet is to start Spiro/Azaleic acid/Midoxidil/Nizoral 4 weeks prior to your cycle, while on, and for the full duration of your post cycle recovery. This combo worked great for me - topical sprio is the only chemical I know of that blocks the 1-test androgen molecule at the hair follcile receptor itself, and dosent cause systemic side effects.


  4. hrm that seems like a an option.

    I plan on doing 2on/2off/2on/8off methyl-1-test cycles

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