Nice link for those who research.

  1. Nice link for those who research.


    I love researching info and learning new **** and I came across this site. Thought some of you (especially PC1) may like it. Not all of it is relevant but definitly a nice read.

    Its about the Human Endocrine system and some effects of androgens on it.


  2. MODs need to make a sticky where I and others who like sharing good research can post our links. I was looking for some of the other ones ive posted so I could post this with them but couldnt find them.

  3. That's an awesome link DB, thanks man. There is a ton of good info on there. Also, can you PM me about the Vida book, thanks man.

  4. If I had a question for you I would but how bout you PM me.


  5. When I think of Vida.. well, you know..

    Good post, brother!

  6. karma for that one

  7. Pete you hornball. Dr. Vida is a 80 yr old man.

    Now Vida Guerra on the other hand... But well keep my wife out of this convo.



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