Deca nandrolone or NPP with Test?

  1. Deca nandrolone or NPP with Test?


    Npp 500mg ew 1-12
    Test P 500mg ew 1-12


    Deca 500mg ew 1-15
    Test E 500mg 1-15

    What do you think and why?

    One of these cycles gonna be my bulk cycle in october, i have run 2 cycles before(Test E only and Test P/Trenbolone ace).

    My weight is 102kilos and i am 1.81cm long.

  2. Deca should be run at a dose slightly less than Test, and shorter is probably better, the 15weeker looks too long.

    with NPP and TestP you can keep it 8-10weeks
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by borninsin View Post
    My weight is 102kilos and i am 1.81cm long.
    Woah woah buddy I think you have the wrong forum.

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