get tattoo while on cycle?

  1. get tattoo while on cycle?

    I want to start my first cycle:
    will take cycle support next week then a week later will start to take trenadrol.

    Will be taking cycle support during cycle.

    I want to get my tatt redone.

    Does anyone know if this is okay to do?
    Will i be bleeding more easily than usual?


  2. it should be fine, but id stay out of the gym for about 3 days, just make sure u put A LOT of lotion on it, where is the tat?

  3. When my girl just got her tat covered up, they told her she shouldn't work out for 2 weeks.. If that is true, then i would assume that would be very counter productive while ON..

  4. my tatt is on bicep and shoulder, trap

    I got the tat a few weeks ago.
    I worked out my lower body that week.
    a week later i was able to work out my upper body.

    i will do the same when i get the touch up.

    i guess i should get the touch up while starting the cycle support, 1 week before the cycle

  5. I got told not to go to the gym for a few weeks after getting mine. Depends if you want to risk fudging it a bit. I would guess not.

  6. I have tattoos covering both arms and various others. Don't work out for a couple of days, after that its ok as long as you use a lot of lotion.

  7. I've worked out the same day after getting a tattoo. I never had any problems. The only reason i could think of to stay out of the gym is it could get infected from all the germs laying around. Keep it covered and you should be alright. Also use some type of ointment the fist day, due to it basically being like an open cut. After that use a non scented lotion as many times as you need to during the day to keep the tattoo moistened. I've had the best recovery using this method. The ink looks very nice once it is healed up.

  8. Ive got about 20-30 hours of work done on me...I never worked out the same day because to be honest, I just didnt feel like it after sitting in that damn chair for a few hours....The only thing that will keep you from lifting is going to be comfort...if its a big piece like mine are, its going to scab quite a bit, and based on where the work is, its sometimes a pain to have that bodypart twisting, flexing, and stretching...



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