cycle setup

  1. cycle setup

    Need advice for cutting cycle...

    In stock: Tren E 2000mg, Test P 1000mg, Test E 5000mg, Winny 1000mg, Torem and Nolva.

    How would you setup a good cutting cycle with previously stated substances? and at what doses? thanks for the help.

  2. Well, based on what you have, I wouldnt even use the propionate...since you have the longer ester version of tren, I would just run it with the test enanthate and inject them together to keep your schedule simple...Test and tren is plenty and will work fabulous, even though I like the acetate version better...I would save the prop and winny and use it together later for another cycle that should be great as well...


  3. wks 1-10 - test e 500mg
    wks 11-12 - test p 100mg/eod
    wks 1-5 - tren e 400mg
    wks 9-12 - winny 50mg/ed

  4. Quote Originally Posted by holyintellect View Post
    Test and tren is plenty and will work fabulous

    we dont use those kinda words around these parts...

  5. thanks for the help. any others want to chime in?



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