When to work in HCG in 15 week bulk cycle

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    When to work in HCG in 15 week bulk cycle

    Week 1-6 30mg danabol (dianabol) ed
    Week 1-6 Liv-52 liver protectant and milk thisle ed
    Week 1-15 500mg testosterone enanthate ew
    Week 18-19 140mcg clenbuterol ed starting at 40mcg and increasing 20mcg ed
    week 18-22 PCT with nolva at 40/40/20/20/10

    when do you guys think would be the best time to use HCG. I only have one 5000Iu Amp. I ususally just read others reviews/comments and studies instead of posting a thread but there are just so many controversies with what I have read I need advice on this one..

    Any thaughts would be greatly appreciated..

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    5000iu is plenty, most will run 250iu twice a week up until pct, but considering ur cycle isnt TOO long but still needs HCG....id suggest running 1000iu/week (2x 500iu) starting week 13 through week 17 right before u start the nolva

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