Friend bought some knockoff crap - adivce?

  1. Friend bought some knockoff crap - adivce?

    Hey guys, I'm sitting over here in Iraq and one of my buddies failed to consult me before pissing away his money. He bought a stack off some phony, crap ass website, the products names are: TridenosenH, Mesobolin, corTESTEN.

    I've searched as much as my haji internet will allow me to and found pretty much nil.. minus 9000 BS ad sites claiming the usually absurdity. Nonetheless, I have no chemical compounds to get a basis of what he wasted $$$ on, appox 400$! Like I said, wish he would have talked to me first, I'd have sent him in a different direction if he was in the market for such gear.

    Anyways, I've never delt with this stuff before. My only worry is the adverse effects to his health. I know the **** aint gonna work. Is there anything to be concerned about here? Should I advise him to look into any type of PCT? Or is he in the clear with a very expensive placebo?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks


  2. dude,
    if he's a soldier in iraq I'd tell him just to toss it. The last thing I'd want is my buddy feelng like garbage or getting all girly-hormonal in a bad place at a bad time. He has no idea what it is, or therefore how much of it he'd be taking. Tell him to cut his losses.

  3. I time you're on a mission, dig a hole and throw it in...


  4. Even if he is only an E-1 he can still afford to toss it over the possible problems that could arise.

  5. Force feed it to the next terrorist group you come across...when they start whining and crying, point and laugh.

    Psychological warfare.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Force feed it to the next terrorist group you come across...when they start whining and crying, point and laugh.

    Psychological warfare.
    Lol Agreed, unless it's got adrenaline: Mooj + Adrenaline = hard to kill. (no offense, Mooj isn't a racial slur).

  7. Thanks for the advice. Sounds unanimous, don't mess with it just toss it. I'll see how he takes it today.

    Thanks again.

    ps. The idea of force feeding the entire bottle to Mohammad the Bomb Maker & Ali the **** head Sniper sounds like a winner! I'll do it in the name of science and report back on the effects of overdosing on overpriced, knockoff products.


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