M-Drol-Havoc-5 weeks

  1. M-Drol-Havoc-5 weeks

    25 years
    173lbs at 5' 11"
    3000 calories daily

    Two weeks left to go untill pct. started mdrol 20 a day for two weeks, with a few 30 per day threw in on some liftin days. Went to 40 a day with the havoc for one week and 30 for another then 20, then pct-Tamoxifen-and possibly some animal pak.
    Of course im running all the proper support supps and pre-loaded liver supports 2 weeks prior to cycle.
    First two weeks started at 173 lbs with 8% bf
    and went to 185 at 7%. Put my bench up 30 lbs and feel reel comfortable with the weight.
    First week of havoc felt insane, gained additional 5 lbs (190)
    Body fat the same, another 10 lbs on bench(240 most ever in my life)
    second week in actually over in two days so its really only one week left. Weight same, body fat same, aggression through the roof, vascularity is nuts, people i see every day and have for the past 4 years are making comments about my appearance, overall feeling of accomplishment makes me feel great all day every day. Actually think i can keep 95% of what ive earned only because my diet was kept the same as every day i just supplemented to mass gain shakes everyday.


  2. IMO you do not need to stack with m-drol and 20mg is plenty. But if your running this why are you tapering down the dose of Havoc?
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  3. I'd have eaten way more. 17kCal/# is maintenance for some folks.

  4. Tapered down havoc as a personal experiment, just how i felt like doin it. 3000 cal is before gain shakes (2 a day), pics hopefully soon. oh yeah forgot all about the humalog. 5 units post workout, on days only.



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