fina w/dmso+syno info???

  1. Question fina w/dmso+syno info???

    Would like to know if 4gms crushed fina can be premixed into the dmso gel(4oz or 16oz)?? So as to save prep by not having to mix powder and gel each time.. Doing 12wk cycle w/test [email protected] wk. [email protected] Fina/dmso 60mg day wks 5-12. Nolvadex 3days @wks 3-6-9 then 2wks 3days after cycle. Was told Nolva would work better than Clomid. Also does anyone know where to get sodium te-burtoxide or what product its in??? 4Syno conv.. Was thinking of 1test cyp for wks 1-4?? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!..........NEONAR [email protected]

  2. bump
    actually thats a good ass question. I just got done with a trandermal fina cycle and it SUCKS having to crush the pills and mix the dmso with it EVERYNIGHT...

    Go check out

    Those guys know all the answers. They specialize in fina-ology 101.

    PS-- watch out for swolecat...he flames newbies.

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