enanthate 200 cycle

  1. enanthate 200 cycle

    ok guys, I have posted some question about my cycle, to which some great minds came together and give me some awesome info.
    well, I start the cycle yesterday.... 1 cc 2X a week. I am trying to keep down body fat and water retention, while gaining lean muscle tissue.
    I am 35, 5'9", and 185 lbs.
    here's a quick look at what I've planned to eat today.
    2 tbsp PButter
    2 whole wheat bread
    8 egg whites
    1/2 cup(dry) oatmeal
    6 oz Chicken breast
    2tbsp Pbutter
    1 cup brown rice
    2 GS protien shakes (mixed with water)
    31 pc candy corn (post workout)
    8 oz steak
    1.5 cup brown rice
    1 cup broccoli
    1 c cottage cheese
    1 c crushed pineapple ( in water)
    2 GS protien shakes

    here's the breakdown:
    3000 calories: 296g protien, 262g carbs, 77g fat

    Any suggestions? please?

  2. All looks good to me. If you arent gaining the size you want then just up your calories- you can probably get away with eating more fat (healthy fat- olive oil, flax oil, fish, MCTs)
    If you need extra cals- protein looks good. The enthanate wont really kick in (start seeing nice size/strength gains) until the beginning of week 5. Might want to look into one of the OTC designer orals from nutraplanet, etc to get some early gains in weeks 1-4... For minimal liver enzyme elevation look into a non-methylated oral- not many of them. But with the methyls look into the epithios (epistane, havoc, epimax. etc...--all the same compound basically- they are fairly mild, but not as mild as the Halodrol clones, which take a while to kick in though. If it were me i'd do either a superdrol (maybe 10mg-20mg if it is your 1st cycle or 1st oral ) or an epistane/havoc product. They both act rather quickly and are good for strength and size(superdrol being the greater one but w/ more sides)

    good luck


  3. I have taken Mdrol, which is supposedly a Superdrol clone!?!?!?!
    so, I have half a bottle left from taking that.
    also, I was just taking methyl 1 D. it's name has me confused because I don't see where it's methylated. It's the one sold at GNC. there's supposed to be one online that is methylated??? should I continue taking that for 3 more weeks?

  4. Good Luck to ya!


  5. Just looked up Legal gears Methyl 1D:

    Methyl 1-D Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 capsule
    Servings Per Container: 90
    Amount Per Serving
    Anabolic Agent: 85mg
    Estrogen Control Complex: 10 mg
    Metabolism Complex (Patent Pending): 261mg
    Ellagic Acid Standardized
    Zinc Asparate
    Coleus Forskolin Standardized
    Caprylic Acid( may contain: sodium caprylate,
    zinc caprylate, magnesium caprylate)
    Milk Thistle Standardized
    Stringing Nettle Extract

    The bolded compounds which are the "anabolic/androgen" portion of the product do not appear to be methylated...hence easier on the liver...but i don't know how gains w/ that product are. You could continue taking it for the next 3 wks- yes. for more dramatic gains go with m-drol which is an awesome superdrol clone---my favorite. How is the methyl 1d treating you--gains, etc...? It appears to be the "safer" product...but i havent heard much in the way of gains/feedback on it though. m-drol will elevate liver enzymes...but that is not an indication of liver damage...just that it is working harder---they will return to baseline after discontinuation. 3 wks would be nice.

  6. I haven't noticed any significant gains on the methyl 1 d. however, I haven't been pigging out either. so...
    I have upped my calories and carbs a little. I don't want to gain the "good muscle with the bad fat." I want a clean, solid increase that doesn't take away from my definition.


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