NOLVADEX who can give me some advice

  1. NOLVADEX who can give me some advice

    Curently doin a oral D-bol cycle
    20 mgs a day low dosage

    I have liquid nolva where its measured in ML does anyone know what the measurements are converted to MG?
    And how much do you think I should take?

  2. On the bottle it should say something like 25mg/60ml meaning 1ml = 25mg. so with that we know 60 servings at 25mg each.

  3. yep
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  4. it should say how much is in each ML on the bottle if it doesnt then youd have to guess either 20mg per ml (the most common) or 40mg per ml.

  5. You dont convert mls into (or cc's) tell you the amount contained in your dropper...mgs is the strength of whatever product your certainly should say on the front of the dropper.




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