Test E + Tren E cycle advice

  1. Test E + Tren E cycle advice

    I am 24, 5ft9 170lbs, 14% bf

    I have:
    2 10ml bottles of Test E at 250mg/ml
    2 10ml bottles of Tren E at 150mg/ml
    50 caps of clomid at 50mg/per cap

    I was thinking of doing the following cycle:
    Weeks 1-10 500mg Test E each week (250mg on Mon and 250mg on Thu)
    Weeks 1-8 300mg Tren E each week (150mg on Mon and 150mg on Thu)
    PCT clomid week 1: 100mg a day (2 caps a day)
    week 2: 50mg a day (1 cap a day)
    week 3: 50mg a day (1 cap a day)

    1. Is there anything else I should add for PCT and does the PCT structure look ok?
    2. Is there anything else I should be running throughout the cycle?
    3. When should I start PCT?


  2. how old are you btw?

    Also, I don't mean this in any condescending way at all, but if you're unsure of what ancillaries & side supps you'll want to have on hand, you're probably not quite ready to begin yet. Also, since it'd be your first cycle, unless you already have your juice on hand, I'd recommend skipping the tren and just starting off with nothing but test. It's what I did, and i'm glad for it. I only did 420 mg/wk and got great results.

  3. no tren for a first cycle and definitely not tren E. if u get sides from tren e they wont leave ur system for about 2 weeks.

    if u are DEAD SET on running tren then get ace....but, i DO NOT recommend tren for ur first cycle. stick to 500mg/week test e

  4. im also planning to do my first cycle wit injections soon... i was also informed to stick to 500mg/week test e for a first run.

  5. Definately no TREN E as stated maybe Tren A if its not your first cycle

  6. Drop the tren and research is my advise. You think clomid 100/50/50 is enough for a 12 week test/tren cycle?


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