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    Quick Nolva Question

    Ok, im finishing up the 2nd week of my cycle and the boobies started feeling funny today, kinda sore I guess so I started taking my nolva. My question is, when this happens, do you guys just stay on the nolva for the remainder of your cycle, or would it be worthwile to take it for a week, lay off a while, then start the nolva when the itchies come back? Ive got plenty of nolva, but I don't wanna slow my gains anymore than I have to.


  2. i personally like to continue with the nolva but just lower the dosage.

  3. I would do like nolva @ 40mg for the first day and then 20mgs for like 3-5 days. I would stop doing it so I could maxamize my gains. but if you feel something funny again then i would take nolva @ 40mgs first day and then 20mgs for the rest of the cycle.
    just my opinion.

  4. NE1- be careful not to take too much of a receptor blocker and then just completely come off.. you want to bring it down slowly.. if you take 40mg for 5 days straight then just stop taking it your gonna get a lot of estrogen hitting ya at once so i would slowly taper it down..

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