let the games begin

  1. let the games begin

    I am starting, in the near future, a darting experience of400mg/week of test base, 300mg/week of deca, 400mg/week eq. I plan on running it 10 weeks. Nolva and clom will be on hand at all times. Should I stick to poking in the glute(both sides)? Can I get away with darting once week with this combo? Are the doses and the amount of time sufficient? I am quite set on the product choice themselves but the rest is definitely open for debate! Advice is greatly appreciated!

  2. is this your first cycle?

  3. Why are you injecting test base?
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  4. I would like to know the same thing..
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    I dont see how you can get away darting only once a week, unless you are making your own gear and you dose them high. I've heard this just makes it more painfull though. Eq keeps me sore for about 4 days, so even doing 2 a week, you may want to hit the delts or quads.

  6. hey guys,
    I'll clear it all up. Yes this is my first pinning session. I did one oral of avavar quite some time ago and have been sticking to the prohorm's for the past three years. I'm ready to try something on the next level and sorry about the product confusion but it is test enan. I was wanting to do a low dosage of test enan and low deca with high eq so I still gain 10-15 pounds but the gains would hopefully be cleaner with less sides with a larger concentration of eq and low concentrations of enan and deca. Help me out

  7. I would run just the Eq and Enan (ditch the deca for some more enan so you can go 500mg/week) first, the fewer compounds the safer the cycle IMHO. What does your PCT look like as well? If you want to keep the bloat away nearly completly get some liquidex and dose it at .2mg per day.

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