OH test w/o 1-test or 4ad

  1. OH test w/o 1-test or 4ad

    Has anyone tried or know anything about using OHtest without 1-test and/or 4ad. WW7 mentioned in a cycle log thread that he thought a OHtest, 1,4 andro cycle would be interesting. I'm interested to findout if anyone has tried that or a similar cycle where the OHtest is used without the other two ph's that commonly accompany it.


  2. no one has done this, or heard of it!?!
    Hard to believe, but the best I've found is a cycle with 4ad and w/o 1-test, but that was only a 2 week cycle.
    Honestly, any opinons on whether or not an OH test cycle would work by itself or how it would work with 1,4 andro would be very appreciated.


    P.S. the guy that did the OH test/4ad cycle said he put on around 7lbs solid in 2 weeks if anyone was wondering.

  3. I know a guy who did the promatrix stack with 4-ad wich is oxabol
    (4-ohn) and testobol (4-oh t) but they were poor in an oral form. he gained just like 8 pounds , so if any one tried it in a transdermal it would be great , Iwould love to use it.

  4. I'm really thinking about trying this, OH test transdermal and 1,4 andro oral for 6 weeks. If I do I will definatly post a cycle log. However, it would be my first PH cycle, so I'm not sure that my observations would be all that benificial.

    I'm considering doing it because it should produce limited sides (the other cycle I'm considering would be 19-nordiol w/ 1,4 andro). But if there is a reason why OH should only be used w/ 4ad or 1-test then I would like to know.


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