selling homebrewed PH.....

  1. selling homebrewed PH.....

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the legalities of selling homebrewed PHs? I want to buy some 1-Test and 4AD powder and make 240ml spray bottles of the solution using 6g 1-test and 6g 4AD. Not anything big but enough to hook up some of my friends & family at relatively cheap prices. Ill probally get 120 g of each PH and just make a couple batches at a time.

    also I will be getting liqua-solutions clomiphene citrate 50ml vials to pawn along with it, and A good amount of nolva tabs to hook people up with in case they start getting gyno, but that I would keep on hand, not actually sell. I figure if I just give it to them I wouldnt be able to be prosecuted.

    Yeah and the solution I will be using will be...
    10% OLEIC ACID( OA )
    10% DMSO
    The 15% IPM and 15% IPP can be combined and just use 30% IPM...

    See I know the DMSO will be illegal, but surely I could get away with it if I listed all the ingredients minus the DMSO? Or keep it on the side and tell the buyer to add........

    sorry if Im outta line asking you this but I really dont know where to go with this.

    thanks bros....

  2. First off... Welcome!

    It's not illegal, you could easily obtain those products and mix 'em with no worries..

    Where do you live, so I can snitch, er, explain the laws of your area..

  3. eh thanks bro

    I live in Troy NY

    thats wonderful news.
    I was told to market them as cosmetics or sports lotions, Is this correct?
    also is kilosports the best place to obtain bulk PH?
    I was reading the faq and it looked like BDC had better prices, but I cant seem to find bulk PH powder on the site.

  4. has bulk powders..

  5. cool ill check em out.

  6. Originally posted by decypheredbeats
    cool ill check em out.
    You may even get a nice bulk discount at 120 grams of every PH

  7. Selling something with dmso in it is not legal but i very highly doubt you're gonna have to worry with the small amount of bottles you'll sell, plus you're doing it locally and most have no clue what's in the bottle, SO DON'T TELL THEM! Either legalgear or for powders, fuk kilosports and there questionable quality.

  8. Have fun!!! TTY
    Allow PHP BB Code Yes

  9. thanks for the replies fellas
    whoa its cool people are alot more helpfull here then other forums I check out.

    thanks for the kilosports advice, I didnt know that, it looks like legal gear is the cheapest now so I guess I check them. peace.



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