increase natural test on superdrol cycle? what products?

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    increase natural test on superdrol cycle? what products?

    hey guys i am currenty on a pheraplex superdrol cycle and i want to keep my libido and i have heard of some people recommended tribulus but i dont know it seems for mostly older aged people 30+... I am 22 years old and would like to know what products will increase my natural test and not surpress while i run the Designers ... thanks...

  2. horny goat weed, maca , trib , longjack any combination of those should work

  3. sportf190
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    thanks is there an all in one product that someone makes that has great reviews?

  4. DIESEL TEST HARDCORE! NutraPlanet has it in stock I believe. I have heard NOTHING but great things. In fact, it's part of my Epistane PCT bro. Best of luck to ya!


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