Amount of Order reported to the FDA

  1. Amount of Order reported to the FDA

    Im am thinking about buying a box of fina and a box of syno, so that would be 100 doses of each. Would this be too much to order and give a red flag to the fda?

  2. Don't think it would... most larger farms have more cattle than 100 dosages.. thinking big aren't we

  3. hell ya, i don't like doing things small, anyone else have an opinion on this?

  4. Buy me some..

  5. ya no prob! how much you want bro? jk

  6. just don't buy a great deal, a box is usually not a big deal only cause they usually have bigger fish to fry. But like always you do run the risk.

    Me personally i like to buy just several carts at a time, rather than a whole box, which is even safer. I mean ****, is a small amount of $$$ (and it isn't that big of a saving if you buy a box rather than buying a few carts at a time) really worth the higher risk? It's a decision you're going to have to make.

  7. oh yeah, buy me some too.

  8. Me three, wait... you can give me JB's `cuz he's gone all natty!

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  9. ok three boxes so far, anyone want to join the list?

  10. Originally posted by ManBeast
    Me three, wait... you can give me JB's `cuz he's gone all natty!


    Yeah, we'll see how long it takes before he makes a post like I did in your dartin' thread..


  11. ME ME ME! share!

  12. farms order big ...not 4 or 10 grams


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