More ? on Proviron...

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    More ? on Proviron...

    I wasn't sure if my questions belong here or in the PH section. I figured AS users would be more knowledgeable, but my questions about Proviron are geared more toward a PH cycle I'm considering for next Summer:

    1. I've read Big Cat's profile linked by Bobo on Proviron (thank you Bobo). It seems like it would be useful in conjunction with a 1-test 4-AD transdermal cycle, but I'm curious if anyone has tried it like this, or has any recommendation on suitability with these 2?

    2. I'm wondering how this compound is classified LEGALLY? Maybe someone has Rick Collins book handy, but in terms of possession, is it in the same category of controlled substances as say test cypionate or decca durabolin?

    3. Lastly, and this isn't about Proviron, but regarding HCG and Nolvadex, I know these aren't steroids per se but again, LEGALLY, does anyone know if they are also in the same category of controlled sybstances as test cypionate or decca durabolin?


  2. nolva isnt in the same category--thats for sure other than that i dont really know

  3. NOLVA is an anti-estrogen.....HCG is used to restore natural test level production in post cycle.
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    Thanks for replying, but I'm well aware of what HCG and Nolva are, and how they're used post cycle.

    I have an online pharmacy source I've purchased Nolva from before and am comfortable using that again, but this one in particular doesn't offer Proviron nor HCG.

    But LEGALLY, I want to understand how Nolva, HCG and Proviron are classified...... Proviron in particular SOUNDS steroid-like. It wouldn't surprise me then, to learn that in terms of posession, or attempting to buy, that LEGALLY the ramifications might be the same as if one were to get caught buying decca or cypionate, under the controlled substances act.

    And Nolva and HCG, while not steroids, MIGHT be classified LEGALLY as similar compounds, even though they're entirely different substances and used for different purposes.

    SO even if we distinguish their uses differently here for our purposes, a cop or judge might not. And that's really what I'm looking for info on, if anyone knows.


  5. I did a little googling and it looks like Proviron is schedule III, meaning it's a more serious if you're caught with it than tamoxifen. (Dunno about HCG, didn't check...) Pretty much all AAS are schedule III, so you're taking the same risk there.

    Makes sense, because Nolva is basicly just an Rx breast cancer drug, prescribed by docs all the time. Technically, I think it's illegal to take for reasons other than those prescribed, although I would think the legal ramifactions are minor.

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    I think you're right. I actually went Googling myself and it appears DHT is schedule III and Proviron "seems" to be, or be like a DHT type of compound.

    Thank you.
  7. Proviron, et al

    According to Dan Duchaine, Proviron is a C-III the same as all other steriods, which is the same as Lortabs, etc. So watch out with that one. Nolvadex (tamoxifen) and HCG are both prescription drugs, but not controlled ( it can vary from state to state, and the state has to follow the most stringent law b/t state and federal, but I wouldn't think there is any reason for them to be controlled anywhere). I'm not sure about the legal ramifications of being caught w/ them and no Rx, but it wouldn't be much considering they are not controls. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for looking into this. I appreciate your time and effort.


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