bridging wit SD plz plz help 3big questions pls help

  1. bridging wit SD plz plz help 3big questions pls help

    ok i got serms and everything for pct i got no sides and im almost done with week two of h-drol and epi and im not noticing anything big

    im 225lbs now 6'1"

    now heres the questions

    1. can i run 5weeks insteead of 4 weeks since most gains come in week 4?
    2. after week 4 run 1week of md-drol at 10mg and drop the others?
    3. run epi at 40mg and bump h50 at 75mg week 3 and 100mg week 4?

    Can i get some good advice on all three.?

  2. well you CAN do any of that, but if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't
    Mostly answered PM's
    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
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  3. i really wanna do the SD thing, but im not so sure how safe that would be on my body? besides that i might go on off raising h50 andor running both for 5 weeks

  4. I would definitely not bridge a stack into SD. You probably won't get a pound out of that 1 week using SD. For your weight, I would run H-drol at 100mg. But i'm not so sure as you are stacking it.

    I would run H-drol for 5 weeks, but again you are stacking it and I don't want to give you faulty advice.

  5. Bro you should be noticing a lot from the cycle you are on, I know this is repeated but is ur diet and training in check? one week of mdrol wont do much i think it will be a waste halodrol needs to be run at 75 mg minimun anyways but you are running three coumpounds and not seeing results something is not right.

  6. well i do have apump throught the whole day, and strenght is way up
    and trust me my diet is 100% i got to school for exercise science i know a thing or too abou that but thanks for asking bro. alot of ppl tend to mess up on that thanks

    umm well im not done with week 2 and from wat i know both compondes kick in week 3-4 right?

    and i am kicking halo up to 75mg week 3 and 4 will be 100mg since my weight is 225, but epi i will keep at 40mg i will not go into 50mg.

    ................. i just need nutra to get it in stock loll

  7. sounds good bro Halo really shines at a higher dose I love it. I wouldnt do the sd bridge just because it doesnt seem worth it but will it kill u if you try, no.

  8. hey u guys thanks for the info, u guys want me to log my week 3-5 on epi and halo? at 40mg and 100mg? btw
    i think **** kicked in today my arms seem bigger then usual and i had a big arm workout 2 days ago. they seem bigger same with my lats

  9. No prob im glad things are working for you. Best of luck


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