Decabolen side??? please help

  1. Decabolen side??? please help

    Hey guys, Iv been on decabolen (superdrol+Pheraplex+halodrol ya i know bad for liver) for 7 days now a 90mg ed(2 servings) and Im getting a weird side effect. Whenever I swollow anything thicker than water (food, milk, pills) Im getting a discomfort in my chest. The discomfort is almost like if you swollow to fast and get a burp stuck in your chest but not as painful. I guess thats the best way I can discribe it, or kinda like if you take a multivitamin without enuff water you get that f'ed up feeling in your esophagus.... its been going on for 2 days now and Im not even sure its related to the decabolen, Iv had a touch of the flu latly. I was just wondering if anybody has had this happen to them before or if anyone has any idea what is going on.
    oh my supporting sups are
    anabolic inovations life support
    fish and flax seed oil
    and extra milk thisle
    Thanks in advance for your help

    1/75 Rangers Lead The Way!!!

  2. nevermind.... it was just hartburn!!! hahaha

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