Confessions of an Ectomorph

  1. Confessions of an Ectomorph

    hey i was wondering if y'all could help me. I have been injecting test for about 6 months and taking some pink tabs some guy gave me off on and on for a bit. Anyway, my question is ... what's a pct?

    HA, just kidding. you thought i was serious. The subject line says "ectomorph", not "idiot". Although, funny enough people in the gym seem to get that confused. Any skinny guys ever get that? Just because you don't weigh 270 lbs you get all kinds of jackasses coming up to you trying to teach you ****. Like "you should wear a belt for those deadlifts". Uh, its half my max and I'm doing a circuit with windsprints. I'll pass, thanks.

    Anyway, im just venting there. as I mentioned I have been busting my ass in the gym for a couple of years and had some success. 30 lbs is something to be proud of id say. Girls don't look at me and think "he's cute but he's too skinny" anymore.

    But I haven't gotten anywhere near the results I'd hoped for and I have hit the proverbial wall lately. I went hard for 3 or 4 months this spring. Had a new program a buddy of mine put me on and it went great. Strength gains through the roof. And I pushed the scale up to 194 lbs.

    But I was eating like an animal. 4 protein bars a day. two 1000 calorie shakes. all the necessary meals in between. 5000 calories/day to maintain 190 lbs. you have to be kidding me right?

    when i was finished, i cut back the calories and, in TWO WEEKS, lost all the weight I had struggled for 4 months to put on.

    anyway, i am getting pretty fed up now. Ive lurked this site for awhile picking up some tips here and there. thought id start getting to know some guys.

    if you're are still reading, yo wuz up! anybody else have these experiences? or did everyone just emerge from the womb lookin like Dorian Yates?

  2. i am so jealous if i ate 5000 calories a day i would be 300lbs again

  3. I started at 5'10 125 lbs, I hit 200 and found it too hard to maintain. I had to find a "perfect" weight for me which is around 170 although at times I will hang around 185

  4. my body tends to retain weight, i started at 6'1 175 and i'm around 6'1 230 now and I've pushed to 250 before. I can stop lifting and maintain my weight but muscle will very slowly be replaced with fat.

    as for you, it's tough huh. At least content yourself that you'll never have to run a cut like me and the other guys. It's kinda depressing to have to spend months lowing muscle and strength just because whenever you bulk you tend to pack on fat like crazy.

    what's your height anyway? and why's this in the anabolics section...? Maybe you should do some long test cycles... remember the longer your body stays at a higher weight, the more your metabolism will adjust to that weight and it'll be easier to stay that heavy. But it takes time.
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  5. How old are you? I weighed 125lbs at 18. By 25 I was around 165lbs. Now at 32 I can maintain 195lbs at around 3000 cals a day. Bad thing is its not all muscle weight like when I was young.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Usf97j4x4 View Post
    I started at 5'10 125 lbs, I hit 200 and found it too hard to maintain. I had to find a "perfect" weight for me which is around 170 although at times I will hang around 185
    im coming up on 25 years old and im nearly 6'1". I tried lifting off and on since high school, but only in the last couple years have I stopped ****in around and really focused.

    I hear what you are saying about an ideal weight. and my goal is right around 190. Everyone keeps telling me my metabolism is gonna kick in some day. But i don't see it: my mother is rail thin, my old man is all gut and scrawny otherwise. I'm a genetic fat building, muscle burning machine.

    But i realize it works both ways. only a select few sit happily in the middle. i guess im just hitting that slow spot that everybody has after their intial big gains.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by 12STEP View Post
    i am so jealous if i ate 5000 calories a day i would be 300lbs again
    It definitely can have its perks! its a tradeoff between the discipline to schedule and prepare all those meals vs. the mental stress of concentrating on NOT eating. And, ya, I can believe that the latter is MUCH harder to do than the former.


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