Heated several times and still grainy

  1. Heated several times and still grainy

    I poured in the powder, shook, heated, shook, heated, and shook again. The first time I soaked it in just boiled water for 10 mins, the 2nd time for 15 minutes, after both times I shook the hell out of the bottle but it's still really grainy and undissolved. When I pump the solution out and rub it on, everything dissolves fine, but I'm not sure if that messes up the absorbption or not. Will it be OK if I leave it grainy or should I keep heating this bastard? I've got the max 15 grams in the bottle of T-Gel so maybe it's just a little harder to dissolve. What do you guys think?

  2. Just rub it in really good. You should be fine. With 15gms your really pushing that **** into the lotion or gel and not all of it will dissolve anyways. When your heating the stuff is the lotion becoming thinner and more liquidy? if not its probably hot getting hot enough. either way your fine. You just got to deal with feeling like you just came home from the beach everyday for the next few weeks thats all? Throw a little sand in your shorts and wa-la. Instant beach day.

    Good luck bro,


  3. What are the compounds you have in? 4-ad can be a bitch sometimes IMO, especially when trying to get 75mg/ml. Also try rubbing in the grains with some extra isopropyl after applying

  4. It's a boldenone/test mixture. Yeah, it gets really thin and liquidy when I heat it, but the powder just won't dissolve all the way. It's not a big deal really, I dont mind rubbing the grains in, I just wanted to make sure it didn't **** with the absorption. Thanks for the help fellas.

  5. OK, what the ****. I'm pissed off now. I heated it up two more times, and this time I stirred it up and it's still grainy. I took an enormous drill bit I have and heated the trans for 10 minutes, then stuck the bit in, which just barely fit, turned on the drill for a good 5 minutes and the grains WOULD NOT dissolve. I don't want to get half my dosage because the powder isn't in solution. Can I dump some alcohol in and see if that helps? I'm really frustrated with this because it seems like no one else has had this problem.

  6. Email me where you got it from if you want (No i'm not asking for a fukin source lol), and i'll look into possible quality issues with powder.
    I made a 7.5 g test base and 7.5g bold base trans and it dissolved so easy! Test base/bold base are very very easy to get into solution....


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