free test and designer steroids

  1. free test and designer steroids

    If one were on TRT, therefore able to manipulate test blood levals--wouldn't the effect of the designer steroids ability to increase free testosterone be increased if one could then increase total test levals? Example being Orastan-A/Furazadrol. They are supposed to have a similar effect as Winstrol, which is supposed to increase free T. So if one where on Androgel, and could raise his total blood test levals higher than normal, wouldn't the anabolic effect of ther Fura/O-A increase?

  2. Well it should.I don't see why it wouldn't.Run some havoc alone.Then run it with test and I think we could all guess which would deliver better results.I realy just wanted to compliment you for calling them designer steroids.I don't know why,but it's realy bugging me becasue of how many keep calling these things PH's.I mean I can call m drol or havoc a designer,and the next poster will still refer to them as PH's!Reps to you just because it's bugging me!

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