quick question: Cutting when using LETRO/CLOMID okay?

  1. quick question: Cutting when using LETRO/CLOMID okay?

    Hey im cutting my body fat and i have a minor gyno+smaller testicals from my havoc cycle and i was planning on using Letro+clomid to get that issue possibly fixed up.

    is using those chemicals fine when cutting body fat? and would i need anything else when using those chemicals like nolva for a E bounce back or something and can i still use Activate Xtremes you think during that time?

  2. Bump, can someone with knowledge in this area answer this, I am curious to the answer?

  3. first of all, your testicles are still small? are you in the middle of PCT after your havoc cycle? if so, you need to finish your clomid and continue to eat as if you were "on" in order to maintain the gains from your cycle. once finished, then you can start to "cut." letro will stop production of estrogen. it has been shown to reduce gyno in some people. However, during pct, you want estrogen (you just want to block it, hence the clomid) so that your body starts to produce test to try to achieve homeostasis. this is why letro is not recommended during PCT.

    if you are finished with your pct, it would seem there wouldn't be a need for clomid. the fact that your nuts are still small suggests that you may want to continue pct, per my recommendation above. take the clomid but lose the letro. once your balls are back to normal and your body is producing a normal level of test, then you can run the letro. letro will "dry" you out, *may* help with gyno (no guarantee).

    i'll let others that are more knowledgeable chime in. gl

  4. Good feedback, would love to hear more

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