what is a good online pharmacy for nolva with cheap shipping

  1. what is a good online pharmacy for nolva with cheap shipping

    i usually pay 18 bucks for shipping

  2. If you ask for a source for:

    - steroids - ancillary meds - DNP - clen - T3 - illegal pro-hormones - research liquid products - or anything that is not legally sold

    you WILL be permanently banned

    Why? Because openly posting a request is *illegal* Anabolicminds.com does not allow open source posting or open source requests!

    As of now, the legalities of Epistane/Havoc and several PH's are still unknown therefore do not fall under these rules. Since they are sold by the largest of retailers the legalities of these substances are unknown, they are an exception for now. These rules will constantly change based on updates to the law.

    If you source post, you are jeopardizing the safety of Anabolicminds.com users including yourself.

    The users who break this cardinal rule will be immediately removed from this forum with extreme prejudice.

    AnabolicMinds requires that you must be at least 21 to engage in steroid discussion.

    Remember: Talking about steroid/illegal drug use on an internet forum is perfectly legal and the discussion aspect will NOT change

    . Talking about buying and/or selling steroids/illegal substances on an internet forum is illegal!

    This activity is considered: conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance! This is a federal offense!

    Talking about how to convert powders and various illegal substances is NOT tolerated! Do not ask for supply kits or anything else that can be perceived as "steroid paraphernalia" and do not post links to those sites that supply such products.

    This is a zero tolerance rule. What does that mean? No excuses! Ignorance is not an excuse.

    If you are banned once, don't come back. Multiple user names will be banned and removed.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by codyyiscool View Post
    i usually pay 18 bucks for shipping

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