IGF-1 and its analogue(LR3IGF-I) and sides?

  1. IGF-1 and its analogue(LR3IGF-I) and sides?

    Ok guys this is my first post here so bare with me. Anyone here who has read about IGF-1 or the analogue Long R3 IGF-I (LR3IGF-I) has seen the mixed reviews. One board says its good another says its a waste of cash...etc. With all this mixed info its hard weeding out the fact from fiction. Lately I have been on Pubmed, medline and other journals looking for the latest up to date info I can find on the side effects of this particular growth factor. Many have said since it initiates the proliferation of cells, it will also initiate cancer cells to (proliferate)divide. Now everyone has some damaged\mutated DNA, but it doesnt mean we will ever know it even exists in our bodies because the cell division has not been initiated...So what happens when we add IGF-1? I dont know about you but im only 22 and cancer sounds pretty ****ty to me. I love my body and would hate for them to lop off a few body parts due to carcinoma, and all because I wanted to look more perfect. Honestly for me it is a hard descision, I do want to take my physique up a notch, PGF2a may be a better idea (but I dont like the sound of those sides either really).
    Also it seems ignorent for anyone NOT to believe that IGF-1 (especially the analogue!!!! long R3IGF-I) wont contribute and cause growth gut. Here is an example why, and I know Humans and rats are very different species, but come on guys lets stop rationalizing, all it does is slow the flow of info!
    Anyway heres the read on the rats IGF-1 gut. I think I got it from pubmed.

    "Administration of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) peptides for three days stimulates proliferation of the small intestinal epithelium in rats."PMID: 8549937 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    some will say...well duh, it does that in every part of of the body! but there are many more growth factor receptors In the GI....so maybe IGF-I although not as effective, is a better choice. I mean The half life is much shorter, this would give the localy administered muscle a good crack at the IGF and hopefully by the time it reaches our other organs (mostly our GI) it will have been broken down.

    "In this study, the short-term effects of IGF-I administration on intestinal proliferation have been investigated. Female rats (110 g, five-six/group) were infused for three days with 2.5 mg/kg/day of either IGF-I or LR3IGF-I and compared with vehicle treated or untreated control rats. LR3IGF-I but not IGF-I increased body weight and wet tissue weight of the small and large intestine (+20%), compared with controls."PMID: 8549937 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    I know thats alot of IGF-I especially for a rat, but the evidence is there. And now imagine maturing all those newly divided cells with AAS!?! Im sure the rats didnt stack it with fian and test,lol.

    "In contrast, LR3IGF-I induced proportional increments in thymidine labelling and crypt size, suggesting that LR3IGF-I is not only more potent than the native peptide but also induced proliferative events more rapidly. In the colon, the thymidine labelling index was low, however, a non-significant increase in the number of cells labelled with thymidine was seen. These results suggest that within a three day treatment period intestinal mitogenesis is more advanced in animals treated with LR3IGF-I. The differences in proliferative response between the two peptides may be accounted for by variations in pharmacokinetics, clearance rates, and interactions with circulating and tissue specific binding proteins." PMID: 8549937 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

    Help me out everyone! I would love to see evidence that Im wrong on the whole proliferation of cancer cells thing....honestly(aside from the undetermined sides) the **** looks very promising! PEACE.

  2. In such small doses people are using for muscular enhancement, I'm sure the sides described in those studies wouldn't be as pronounced.. 2.5mg/Kg is alot, considering you pay for it by the mg.. 30-50mcg a day 4 weeks shouldn't have the same issues..

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