steady gains

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    steady gains

    Just curious if your gains while on stay steady throughout the whole cycle provided you dont change your diet or workouts, or does the extra weight you gain each week go up and down?

  2. a lot of it has to do which androgens you take man. it takes a while for stuff like EQ and such to kick in, and when u stop compounds like dbol a few weeks into it you may lose some water weight, so it's hard to really say w/o knowing the compounds

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    theoretically, dbol 30mg weeks 1-4 (or 5), test ent 500mg (750mg frontloaded) 1-10, eq 400mg 1-10 (800mg frontloaded).
    I know the test and eq kick in around week 5 or 6, when i'll be dropping the dbol and would hope their gains equal the 4 or 5lbs that dbol would give me my first week...

  4. bump, i'm also looking to see how gains came for u bros. I plan on using test enth and eq also.

  5. Bro I wouldn't even take the dbol. It's evil. Think about it, when you start taking it you get bigger, you gain weight, you get stronger, then when you discontinue it's use it goes down the toilet (literally) So there goes your weight, going the opposite way in which you want it to go. Water weight is a deception which will leave you some what dissappointed. My suggestion to you would be to front load with prop it will give you a much better steady increase in weight not the yo yo effect some get when going on and off dbol. Just my thoughts, take it for what it's worth. later J



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